Yamaha RM1X
Yamaha RM1X

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Yamaha RM1X : FP User's user review

9 (9/10)

Characteristics 9/10

Honestly, this is the 2nd best hardware sequencer i EVER used. Simple and intuitive interface. Everything it should have. I Love the sequencer.

Price paid

200 usd

Utilization 10/10

I learned the old school sequencers (MMT-8, MPC's ect...)and gradually updated. I didnt need the manual at all for the basic functions. Very easy to use, yet powerful sequencer.

never had a problem

Sounds 6/10

Ok, in general... yes. the sounds are weak and uninspired. I only use it if i need a quick basic hi-hat, or string sound, ect. The drums are weak, but i have found a few gems in the drum banks that sounded great when tweaked / EQ'd. Same with some of the other sounds.

Overall Opinion 10/10

Love it

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: kwic_draw ( 7-, 2005)