Yamaha RM1X
Yamaha RM1X

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Yamaha RM1X : FP User's user review

6 (6/10)

Characteristics 8/10

The sequencer kicks ass. You can record in real-time, or you can punch in different notes individually. This machine also has it's own tone generator, drum kit and voice editing(sythinisizer) ability. It can serve as the centerpeice of a midi system.

Price paid


Utilization 5/10

It's reasonably easy to use most features, but some features reguire a lot of knowlege and technical music how.

Sounds 3/10

The sounds that come out of thing are not the greatest. i'd describe them as mechanical and robotic. The machines sounds are orintated more towards techno music. But with a lot of tweaking, a decent hip-hop song can be created.

Overall Opinion 7/10

Iv'e had the machine for several years, and the only thing that has gone wrong with the machine is one of the keys loss its pressure sensitivity. I have to really press hard for the key to signal the sound.

It's ok. It's not meant for hip-hop though.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 5-, 2003)