Gibson ES-339 30/60 Slender Neck - Antique Red
Gibson ES-339 30/60 Slender Neck - Antique Red

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Value For Money: Excellent
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SonicPulverizer 09/20/2012

SonicPulverizer's review "Versatile and Classy"

The Gibson ES-339 is a great sounding, fast playing member of the ES series of guitars. It has the typical arrangement of triple ply maple and poplar body, complete with a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. The electronics are standard fair for Gibson as well-- A pair of '57 classic humbuckers wired to independent volume and tone pots with a three way toggle. The antique red finish is beautiful and has a timeless sort of vibe to it. Very cool.


The 60/30 neck on this 339 is decently slim and fast playing. Lead lines on the upper registers are unhindered with the 339's amply sized cutaway. The 339 has a good knack for rejecting unwanted noise and feedback with higher levels of gain. The 339 is around 2 or so pounds lighter than my les pauls, but it feels much lighter than the numbers might suggest. Tuning stability is pretty decent on this guitar.


I Played the 339 through an Egnater Renegade and Mesa Mark V. Mesa Boogie 4x12. No pedals.

The 339 is a very responsive instrument. Clean or Heavy, the guitar maintains a sense of range. The aggressiveness of your pick attack will alter the sounds you get greatly. On the clean side of things, the low end is very warm and full. Arpeggios have sweetness and clarity. On the gain side of things, the guitar has less than ideal intelligibility when playing chords, but the 339 really blooms when playing lead passages. Solos really scream on this guitar and the ability to get controlled feedback so easily really furthers the experience in this regard.


The Gibson ES-339 is a great crossover for players who enjoy either les paul's or the more closely related Es-335. You get a lot of versatility from this instrument. Blues, Rock, Metal, It doesn't really matter. The guitar does have it's own voice that you may or may not fall in love with. For the asking price, you're getting a beautiful, well made instrument that is bound to hold it's value for a long time.
James... 01/22/2012

James...'s review "Great besides some minor issues"

Body Type: ES-339
Body Wood: Maple/poplar/maple laminate
Top wood:Maple/poplar/maple laminate
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Neck Joint: Set-in
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Neck Profile: Slender Players Profile - '60s slim-neck plus .030" front-to-back
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Fretboard Radius: 12"
Bridge: Fixed
Pickup Bridge: '57 Classic Humbucker
Pickup Neck: '57 Classic Humbucker
Controls: Volume / Volume / Tone / Tone
Tuners: Kluson
Hardware color: Nickel
Pickup selector: 3-way
Finish: Lacquer


Gibson has been marketing this guitar as the ultimate hollowbody for the solid body player. But between me and most of the players I know this is just a budget 335. Or in my case since I'm a smaller guy, it's a 335 that doesn't make me look tiny. I'll start with the bad stuff. I ordered mine and when I got it I felt that the fretwork was not amazing. There are some poking frets in the upper part of the neck. I figured maybe the neck had shrunk and needed to acclimate but after a week it had not changed. This isn't something that's a total deal breaker but I would expect better from a high end Gibson guitar. Playability is good. Like a lot of gibsons it needed a nut filing to stay in tune. Nothing major. The body work and finish are good. Hardware all works as well as one would hope.

I really like how light weight yet solid body shaped it is. It's a super comfortable guitar and it looks cool too.


As far as I know these have the same pickups as the 335's but the tone is fairly different to my ears. I have owned a couple of older 335's and to my ears the 339 doesn't quite have the depth and deep sound on the cleans that the 335 does. But the 339 has more clarity I think. It does not sound anything like a Les Paul as some people have tried to say. It's very much a semi hollow all the way. I really like to play mine through a Suhr Badger or a 65 London head. It seems to like british amps and I don't really care for it through anything 6L6. It's already a dark enough guitar as it is. Unless you play jazz and like that sort of thing.


Besides the pretty unforgivable fretwork I am satisfied. It's hard to find a Gibson these days that doesn't have some sort of issue. Almost all of them have poor nuts. Fortunately mine sounds great and the feel is mostly there. I might replace the tuners and have some fretwork done to it. In my opinion this is a great alternative to the overpriced 335. In fact these are a bit of a steal for what they are. Especially on the used market. Whether you do jazz, blues, or want to use it for rock I think it's great for all three.
King Loudness 05/22/2011

King Loudness's review "A really cool blend between a Les Paul and a 335"

The Gibson ES339 is made in Gibson's "Custom Shop" plant in Memphis, TN and is advertised as having the classic hollowbody tone and feel of a 335, but also the sustain and richness of a classic Gibson solidbody like a Les Paul. It's meant to cater to the crowd of players that love a 335, but may not gel with the size or perhaps someone who likes the hollowbody tone that only a 335 can deliver, but is so used to a Les Paul or other solidbody that going to a full semi hollow guitar would be a challenge. The full list of specs are as follows:

Body Wood: Maple/poplar/maple laminate
Top wood:Maple/poplar/maple laminate
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Neck Joint: Set-in
Neck Wood: Mahogany
Neck Profile: Slender Players Profile - '60s slim-neck plus .030" front-to-back (Also available in a fatter '59 profile.)
Fretboard: Rosewood
Frets: 22
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Fretboard Radius: 12"
Bridge: Fixed
Pickup Bridge: '57 Classic Humbucker
Pickup Neck: '57 Classic Humbucker
Controls: Volume / Volume / Tone / Tone
Tuners: Kluson
Hardware color: Nickel
Pickup selector: 3-way
Finish: Lacquer


As far as ergonomics go, I can't say the 339 is the most balanced guitar on the planet. I'm not sure if it's a personal thing, but I've never found hollowbodies to balance as well as solidbody guitars when I am playing them. However, it's much lighter and easier to hold for me than a 335 or a full bodied Gibson like an ES175. I was able to play a 339 for longer periods of time without discomfort compared to a 335. The upper fret access is reasonable considering the guitar's design. The neck joint is traditional for Gibson, and the cutaways are fairly short and stout. However, neither of these impede upper fret access in the slightest. I was able to play fast passages up higher on the neck without much issue. It's obviously not as easy to play as a superstrat type guitar, but for what it is design wise, it plays very well.

Getting a good tone out of the guitar is very simple. It's loaded with a set of Gibson's '57 Classic humbuckers and sounds like a classic Gibson guitar that is a hybrid of a hollowbody and a solidbody. It's wired just like a typical Gibson guitar, so there isn't a ton of extra features to get to know. The one major difference is the Memphis Tone Circuit, which basically keeps the tone crisper and richer when you roll the tone control back (IE: it doesn't get muddy). Definitely a cool sounding guitar.


I've tried the ES339 with various Fender, Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps. It has a great variety of sounds available which is a nice thing. It does everything from jazz and blues to hard rock (think early Zeppelin or Rush) fairly convincingly. The '57 Classics deliver a nice punch that contributes to a tone that is part 335, part Les Paul. Clean tones were very rich and full, with that nice airiness that only a hollowbody can deliver. Shimmering chords or fast bebop passages came through clearly and articulately, and sounded great. The dirty tones had a nice old school bite to them. They weren't quite as meaty as a Les Paul or as rounded as a 335... but rather I thought they had their own cool vibe about them. Rhythm tones ala seventies arena rock were very full sounding, and the smaller but still hollowed-out body gave the tones a nice texture that my Les Pauls couldn't quite attain. Lead lines were still quite articulate, but I did find them a little bit overbearing in the bass with certain distortion tones.


The Gibson ESS39 is a killer ax from Gibson's Custom Shop that offers a nice compromise between the classic Les Paul and the classic ES335. They retail at about $2,000 brand new, which is a killer deal considering you are getting a brand new, Custom Shop guitar. The stock parts all function very well and I would see very little reason to swap any components out. All in all I feel that it's just a good versatile ax with a little bit of a different flavour to a traditional Gibson, and that might just be what you're looking for!
Manunux 06/06/2014

Manunux's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " A 335 for "small people"? Not that!"

This is an ES-335 that would not eat his soup ... and that he was not too bad!
• We keep:
- A semi-hollow center beam, maple.
- A mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
- 2 tone
- 2 volumes
- The Classic 57
- A stopbar tailpiece
- Mechanical tulips Gibson "Kluson style" ("? Pouuuurquoi But are they as bad")
- Memphis Tone
• And we change:
- The size of the fund
- Insert the jack found on the splint and not on the table (only thing I prefer the 335, and again, do not ask me why).


• Viewpoint violin, it's very nice.
The size of the fund makes it more manageable than its big sister fed the fat lard guitar: If you are part of a group of boys to dance vocation (yes, a Boys Band), it will facilitate the execution of your backloops ; or you simply enjoy on stage, do not have to apologize to every bassist untoward movement.
The handle is perfect: it has in hand, but it is reasonable. Perfect in style, though, and it's very personal, I prefer the smaller radius (ha ... the handle of the Johnny Marr Jaguar ...).
Flat (yes) why such mechanical on a quality instrument? Malicious intent? Nastiness? Global conspiracy? And if so, who and why? Well, the change already taking arrange things a bit (10-52 for me).
• Easy to get good sound? :
So there it thickens ... Judge for yourself, you must:
1 - To enter an ES-339 guitar (A) (in a good sense, it is important)
2 - Turn the tube amp (B)
3 - Warm up the receiver (B)
4 - Enjoying step 3 to place a jack (C) (the right diameter, it is also important)
5 - Operate the junction (A) and (B) through (C)
6 - Saute the standby amp (B)
7 - Play, or let them play a talented friend.
For more scrupulous, you can add "- 8: Using the 4 knobs, make your strengths (which illustrates only two (knobs) is good, but it is 4 it is really nice) "


A Fender Bassman 59 is beautiful, it is ample.
With overdrive (Mad Pro, Little Green Wonder): it's beautiful, it growls.
With distortion (Fulltone Plimsoul): it's beautiful, it tranche.
With Fuzz (Hoof): it's beautiful, it's fat (and fat, that's life)
With a tremolo (Boss TR-2): It's fine
With a delay (MXR Carbon Copy): it's beautiful ... it's beautiful ... it's beautiful ... it's beautiful ...
In short, it's beautiful and super versatile.


So all good ... except ... and yes, "except", as if there is no "except" is not the recent Gibson. Unless, therefore, that the bridge was rotten: when the bridge re is lower than all other (bad machining), it no longer follows (all) the radius of the shaft, so the guitar is inréglable, it borders, So it's ugly, so it's annoying. As Gibson, in which the reactivity of service has equaled the excellence of quality control, propose to change the room, free of charge ("haaaa ..."), but with a delay of "several weeks" ("hoooooo ... :-("), and being given my previous disappointments (see "Episode 1: The Return of the Firebird Anniversary twisted" and "Episode 2: The Gibson Les Paul traditional 2014 against attack"), I n listening boundless confidence that inspires me the brand and decides (with a gesture of goodwill store, thank you) to change at my expense the bridge by TonePros.
This manipulation was reached shortly after the purchase, it is therefore difficult for me to note the instrument as it was originally: a good guitar with a lamentable easel past 2 times (parts and finished instrument) through a lack of quality control. My ratings therefore apply to the instrument as I take this opportunity today: a great guitar, great, provided a very good bridge (which the passage, I think, improved the overall sustain of the instrument ).
gibson92 07/19/2013

gibson92's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Copied but never equaled"

Type gibson, but little ... a little high freight
hyper straight handle
Strings 11/46 ..
satin handle
custum of U.S. menphis
It exudes serious

Volume tone etc. ... Classic
I put no 10 for freight and also the strings ..
Mecha classic gibson
the soil désacorde


easy ergonomic handle ... better than my other guitars and LESPAUL DUESENBERG ... but unless my strat R GALLAGHER ...
Access to do complicated after acute as usual
ITS THE TOP .... neck pickup
the 57 ... This is the type of microphone that goes from light to "I send wood" with the knob ..


I play everything and this is the only guitar that can do everything
Amp Vox VT 40 +
Mesa Boogie tried yet
the ideal is a single channel with the game to very specific knobs ...


I tried the new disaster ... 335 ... 2200 YAMAHA good but too prche my due ... 339 RINGS .. hell most versatile guitars I have .... this one is lighter and beautiful red and especially the size and weight Phew thank you
I would say 1/2 Start CS R GALLAGHER / ES 339 3 / Gibson LP B beauty 4 / Dues imperial ...
gibsonnight 11/27/2009

gibsonnight's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Following the story you can read in the forum, I am owner of 2 ES339

Antique red and caramel sunbust

guitars of all beauty, beautiful, beautiful violin paints and varnishes

used with fender hrd

beautiful sounds clear, red velvet antique is why??

if anyone knows tell me thank you !!!!!!
AC Jazz fingestyle picking, rockabilly, rock, a little hard

its crunch with pedal is ok no pb

cons by the large distortion is not his feedback at all is normal they are not made for that

sell one ....... it will not !!!!!!

look at my forum post about the theft of equipment
le reverend 07/18/2009

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

United States Custom Shop. Yum!
22 frets, micro 57. Attention is powerful enough.
Gibson's pure juice: the old couple machinmatic stop bar etc..
Gib's' pure juice for the rglages also: A volume and tonality in mic, a selector 3 positions.

A small regret: there are mcaniques tulip style, this shit is not that infme tuning (unworthy of a guitar of this price for Gibson and ashamed for all these years). Prfr stuff that I keep well, wet or others. We're going to have to start playing like but we'll see a small change in MCA for later ...

I team of Straplocks, can not be too careful.

What type of race?
Fretboard, h banana!

This is the handle 60's style slim type. Fits me, I like not too many big round handles.
Vrifier be when you buy the beast, it is the team's slim type 60 or 50's well rounded.


Apart from the varnish on the back, neck enjoyable. Not the end I even tt at Gibson, but when even enjoyable. Personal I do not like the '59 rounded neck, while the one for me everything.
Access in acute is better than a Les Paul, worse than a SG. A few prs the same sensations on my 335. It's good enough for me.
It is (good) over a lightweight LP is less than 335 large: the best of both worlds?

Do you get a good sound easy? ...
Yes, fastoche, even.


Appropriate are your style of music?
I play Blues and Rock, then coat tails in the mile
With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
Amp lamp rigor. I fear not to put a little distortion to the buttocks.
What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
The light is good, less jazzy than LP, but it's good. Otherwise, a 335 comparable in every respect sound with a tad less serious perhaps.
She goes home with some soft string my taste, probably from 10-46. I told the aicoll 11-49, SETTING THE Verify the handle and the bridge, has given him a little punchy from surcrot. In addition, with the strings a little more tense, it really just down the action for the solos while not bordering too rhythmic for is happiness.
What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?
I do not like Johnny Haliday, but since it is not 339, the honor is safe.


How long have you use it?
I use the beautiful rptition in recent months.
I had a test there is more than a year (maybe even two, see below), and I t convinced.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The template of an LP in less heavy, with a 335 and smaller, the sound of 335. This is a guitar compromise, but with a great sound and a pretty good ergonomics. It is lightweight, has rings, it's easy to play.
What I like least: the mcaniques not really reliable, to think often connect (Gibson, you do ...). ch

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
We can say is, yes.

How do you report qualitprix?
Expensive that it's Gibson, but not so much as a: bought around 1750 for a guitar of this quality even when it is not theft. Aujour'dui, I saw less than 1600 Roros, even better!
It was a beautiful tui is described above Custom Shop, the color is beautiful. Q / P OK, finally, but no more.
Seulregret true: the mcaniques ...

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
Well no, as one has enough for me!

I was hooked on this scratch looking for a guitar for a post myself. AIM had not so he had not bought. I had not bought either, since DJ j'tais well supplied with electric guitars.
Fatal error! Over time, I thought more and more silent it quite this small scratches, But then no way to find one in Paris. Gibson seems to make them drop the account, which does not m'tonne: a must shade for other models of the brand as a guitar! Gib's Custom Shop 'this award, not grow on trees. It looks like a wildly trs good opportunity not to be missed.
A force to go and look, I ended up in a dgoter. I am a scratch happy!
The small will become rptition my guitar, and it will stay quietly in the room. As a, the house remains her friends will not be too jealous.
jetlag 11/08/2008

jetlag's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

US Gibson Custom Shop!! see previous description


The handle is a bit large but comfortable, accurate, and the small size is appreciated, the sound is an absolute killing. From jazz to BLES through the rock ... metalheads refrain of course!


- They are suitable to your style of music?
Heaven on earth!

- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
JCM2000, 5W crate.
- What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
A fantastic range of sounds and precise SETTING
- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
all! I do not hate anything, it is a superior instrument!


- How long have you use it?
6 months

- What is so special that you like most and least?
The sound and aesthetics are exceptional, the attachments of the Hard Case begin to oxidize
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
- How would you rate the quality / price?

Excellent for € 1700 which is still expensive but still good, the quality is there!

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
no doubt!
jeanphilippe2861 01/26/2008

jeanphilippe2861's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Made in the United States by the CUSTOM SHOP
handle: same as 335


Handle excellent
access to acute perfect given the length of this one. Lgre, perfect sound Whoa, so the my friend is a killing, the bomb, in short: jazz, rock ..... in saturation: rock ....., it is wonderful that scratching mine is sunburst.


It should be a lot of style, mounted with 57 humbucker, I play a Laney VC 30 lamp, its hard serious sound: gibson of course, nothing wrong, the sound I prfre: c ' is the high position clear: Jazz felt. Low position: rock California has limited pull fiction crunchy. AND all the way down to the saturation: for solo to sustain with a sigh.


2 months since it all, between the 335 and the Les Paul Standard, the ratio quality price is excellent in view of its manufacture: custom schop.
I would do is choose one second without hsitez ......................
tom-de-terre 01/05/2008

tom-de-terre's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Gibson then-United States, custom shop!
-22 Frets
-1 Volume and tone for the neck pickup, like the bridge pickup
-A handle to play.
- Very good finish!


Trs-The handle is enjoyable, though yours in hand, slipped his own, basically it is a highway!
-The Access in acute and better than a Les Paul, autentic that it is very good.
- The shape is very enjoyable aesthetics and touch. We feel it is a good instrument that has the hands. The weight is rather lightweight, well gone.
- So it's not the sound of Mr. ...


- It shook it hard not cole has a style of music, it is super versatile.
ax is especially blues, rock, jazz.
- I play with a MG100HDFX is not the amp of the century, but form a good combo.
- Bin with the neck pickup it has a rather acute, the bridge pickup it has a bold blue, here is a normal guitar
- There's no sound detestable, there's no sound I prefert. Everything is good in this skyscraper.


- I use it for 3 months, 3 months that I have no social life.
- As its look, its sound
the least: it's still expensive, but honest
- I tried 3 or 4 other gibson, j'tait go for a les paul, and I landed on it's much more to me on seeing jsue
- Gibson is expensive, but it's gonna
- I do it again tomorrow even if it choi he needed!