Eowave Metallik Resonator
Eowave Metallik Resonator

[Musikmesse] Eowave and its Metallik Resonator

French synth specialist Eowave is at Musikmesse where they showcase their Metallik Resonator along with new gear.

The Metallik Resonators are replicas of the resonators used on the Ondes Martenot, which can be used with any audio source, including a guitar. They ship within a combo guitar amp-style structure made of wood and covered with leatherette and feature a 50W amplifier, an audio input and a choice of three sizes for the resonator (tam). Note that bigger the size of the resonator, the deeper and lower the sound.

The Metallik Resonator are made by request, the 45cm size retails for 500€, the 55cm for 600€ and the 65cm for 800€. More details available at www.eowave.com/metallik.php.

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