music mega pb 90

Left-Handed Electric Fretted Bass by music mega

Users' review: Average mark of 3/5 for 1 reviews

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music mega pb 90 : keris06's user review

" to understand the low nickel" 6 (6/10)

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Product bought new in July 2011

Characteristics 6/10

form of late but, nice. right right right microphone. replica of bp

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forme d mais fin , agréable . bon micro correct droit . réplique de pb

Utilization 6/10

I started on the lower level with so :-)

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je débute sur la basse donc ras :-)

Sounds 6/10

on a 450 bxl it sounds nice for a couple entry;

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sur un bxl 450 ca sonne sympa pour un couple entrée de gamme ;

Overall Opinion 7/10

very good start for the price!

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très bon pour débuter pour le prix !