Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation
Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation

Sampler from the SP series by BossView website

Users' review: Average mark of 4/5 for 18 reviews

Boss SP-505 Groove Sampling Workstation : FP User's user review

8 (8/10)

Characteristics 7/10

The best thing about the sp-505 are the effects, with more than 20 effects including: delay, wah, pitch shift, voice transformer,equaliser and my alltime favorite the isolator its makes thin sound fat and fat sounds thin. The sequencing on the SP-505 is pretty limited, you sequence samples in patterns on 4 channels and sequence those to make a song. I don't use the song mode myself. I just make the whole track in one pattern and let it play in a loop and mute the 4 channel parts. There is a 8 voice polyphony with mono samples and 4 voices with stereo samples. It has a 4 mb internal memory and a smart media card slot to save sounds and sequenceses on. It has only a 2 stereo jack output.

Price paid

750 euro

Utilization 9/10

Very easy to use. I was building tracks on the SP-505 the same day I got it.

I've got it for 3 years now, never it has let me down, it never crashed. The 16 pads and buttons are solid, the knobs are well made.

Sounds 8/10

Good sound quality, 44.1 kHz sampling (mono or stereo). Good sounding effects.

Overall Opinion 7/10

It's a nice mashine if you want to create right away it's easy to use. But if you want to sequence more than 4 channels. You should get an MPC.

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Posted by: alphawolf (January 0-, 2005)