Hohner ST Special
Hohner ST Special

STC-Shaped Guitar

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Value For Money: Excellent
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abner 03/14/2014

abner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " It is so good it!"

- Maple neck fender style, maybe a little flatter so much more enjoyable for me
- 3 single pickups (very stunning and no buzz): very creamy neck pickup more rough style blues / clear middle / last (I changed it to a double artec Soultrain 2)
- Electronic serious, but I have changed because of the humbucker.
- Mechanical with great game ... I have changed


Perfect handle better than a lot of fender, and less curved qu'ne stra Japan.
- Ideal weight (mine is in several layers so quite mild)
- Its very good, my friend who was a U.S. strat 90 was jealous of her ;-)


- Tees for good pop 90-2000
- Clapton blues style in the neck position


- 15 years of faithful use
- The pros: light / sound extra / perfect round / very small price to the current time
the -: Rare / poor mechanical / resale
Draix 09/16/2006

Draix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Copy strato standard manufacturing cornnne (I believe): handle 21 frets, 3 single pickups, three pots, 5-way switch. A good point: Wilkinson vibrato type of knife (low action). The "particularity" of the skyscraper of the 90's silent Systm ATN, the intermdiaire of pots, allowed to have in thoriated Gibson type of sound / electro-acc/Tele ... In fact, the well pipe sr.


Channel correct, trs flat and broad. Quite comfortable and a lot of sustain. Finishing of the frets a bit tight.
As I said, the ATN Systm not working or hardly any. Should not be without electronic RVer!


The sounds are similar to those made in a Strat Cor. A plus for positions 1 and 2 crystal 2 3 trs. I use most of the time they sound as clear (sounds Knopfler) on an H & K tube 20 with an Electro-harmonix rverbe.
Avoid heavy distortion, the pickups are not made for.


I fell for the look (table alder Flamm clear varnish + pearl pickguard fawn) and sounds out of phase. I have over ten years (bought around two thousand bales) and is like new. This is not the best copies Strat, it is clear, but the lightning lasts for a scraper rather than those for girls!
datsu 03/13/2006

datsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Manufacturing Corenne probably.
Plywood handle body stocky, three microphones, a slecteur five positions, one volume and 2 tone, vintage vibrato ...
Manufacturing is cheap.


The guitar is quite heavy and the handle is still enjoyable.
The body is modeled on the layer with all that implies in cel playing comfort
The sound is in the middle, but a buzz all floors.


The sounds are those of a stratum less less prcis. But still honorable.


I like the comfort of game (despite its weight), the handle and look.
I like the least, that did not really packed.

I was looking for a guitar to learn fiddle and the violin is so cheap that Honhai I lach.
I would do this choice only for yourself, to play on holiday on the beach ...