dB Technologies SUB Stage Opera 61.18
dB Technologies SUB Stage Opera 61.18


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Gregorius 10/19/2010

Gregorius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) "Very good report qualitprix"

Our association has been using for over a year ...
is a powerful subwoofer that hits hard and stays clean ... especially he often rented and Eng sounds that make me happy are the point that he persuaded dveloppait Some of these were more than 600W RMS ...

I see nothing reproaches him ... the only thing I regret is that technology has not dB product covers protect it during transport, so must be the self-same.

we have not tried the other chamber before the acquisition of 2 that we have, but on paper c'tait who clapped the loudest, with the highest performance and best price ... and brand known (not wildcard)

a report qualitprix unbeatable, I urge, but on occasion because it is very hard to find new ... (removed from the website 10 days APRS we have ours REU).



Poa 06/26/2004

Poa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use it for 15 days (15 nights or more lol) and it's turie ... I organize FREE PARTY c Open-air and deadly. Personally, I'm running with a pair of OPERA 415 and is the top.

In addition to a system HK AUDIO LUCAS 1000 top too!
Musicien75 05/19/2003

Musicien75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Used it for 15 days
Amplified system with active filtered.
HP 18 "(46 cm)
500 W RMS 30-150Hz
Active filter built-80, 120 or 150 Hz choice.
Dimension: 60 * 80 * 60 cm
130dB max SPL
54 kg, it is not pretending ...

I use a single caisson 6118 complment speaker "acute medium" with 38 and 1 "driver
big advantage to have the amp integr .Construction plywood 20 mm very heals.
HP's 46cm is really impressive efficiency: fishing and deep bass.
This box is a + SUB subwoofer bass.enfin ... both !!

Really happy over all sub I could listen, but often powerful precision
and his drooling ..... cry! (Except for Turbosound !!! and APG, but I do not have the chance to play in the big leagues!)

THANK ANTREPRO (or I bought the hardware) for their availability and comptences.