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ericthegreat 01/31/2012

ericthegreat's review "great for mixing "

The Yamaha MSP5 are a great set of studio monitors. They are compact and each packs a truly huge sound. Because of their small size and weight, they are easy to move and place within a room. They are extremely well built and are very sturdy - it would be hard to break these. It also has the Yamaha seal, so you know you are getting a pair of studio monitors from a top, well respected, brand. These are near field monitors and are self powered, so you don't need an external amplifier. They are great mixing and general listening.


The sound from these monitors is full of life and produces a neutral signal that is an accurate portrayal of what you are playing, although sometimes I think they sound too good! The stereo image is wide and is definitely satisfactory. The overall sound of these monitors is crisp and clean, while maintaining a fullness not found on your typical studio monitors.


I've been using the Yamaha MSP5 studio monitors for about three years. I've used them both for tracking and listening and for mixing. They work great in all listening applications because they provide not only an accurate portrayal of the sound you are playing but because they cover the whole spectrum of frequencies. Yamaha has a reputation for being one of, if not the, best makers of studio monitors. While these aren't the best Yamaha monitors I've heard, as some of their higher end models are just ridiculous sounding, for the price these are a great set of monitors. The price isn't the cheapest, but if you are putting together a nice home studio, these are a great option because they aren't as expensive as some other monitors, like the Yamaha MSP5 , but are still top quality. Overall, these are a great set of monitors ideal for the serious home recording owner.
yoTrakkz 09/14/2011

yoTrakkz's review

The Yamaha MSP5 monitors are powered studio monitors, I paid 250 per monitor for these, they sound great but I was very disappointed with the low in frequencies in these. They were a total let down and didn’t provide me hardly with any thump. Coming from the KRK’s and plugging these up was like two different sounds. You cant even put these in the same category as the KRK’s but they are still pretty good. But with an unaccurate low end frequency its hard to get a clean mix on the low end.

The MSP5’s have a balanced XLR type input which is good because most equipment uses XLR and you can plug up and start listening right away without having to switch a bunch of connections around.


I would say it sounds ok, like I said I wasn’t happy with the low end of them, because even in my acoustic treated room I still couldn’t get a clean mix on the low end of my productions with these monitors. I think yamaha’s products are great I just don’t know what happened with these, for the price of around 500 for the pair I would expect something way better than the frequency of these.


But overall if your not worried about having a lot of low end , or if you don’t compose your music with a lot of kick and thump than these will work perfect for your. Maybe for some easy listening music or some jazz because of a smooth bassline with no punch, they will sound great. But if you need something with some punch and knock go with some krks’s or the upgraded version of these. Its just sad that the Yamaha MSP5’s cost so much and they disappointed me. I feel like they are the same as the HS50M monitors and only cost half.
Audiofanzine FR 07/24/2003

Audiofanzine FR's review

(Originally written by /translated from Audiofanzine FR)

See above and the tech specs.


I really spent a lot of time researching studio monitors before buying the MSP5.
I needed something small and light (my studio is only 9 square meters and can't accommodate 2 x 15 kg(!) speakers, like the Behringer 2031, for example). Furthermore, I needed a main power control for the speakers (I don't have a mixing console).
The MSP5 are the perfect match for my needs! I know there are more powerful models: 2031, Event... but does it really matter?
My ears almost hurt when I set the volume control to 2 on my MSP and I am only 1.5 m away!

Sound quality is very good: rich mids, slightly harsh high end, although it can be adjusted with the pad switches, and moderate low end with good presence and clarity. The bass response of this model is often criticized but it is ok at 1.5 m in a small room. It might be a problem if you want to make hip hop with some ass-kicking bass and kick drum in a 30 square meter room... with a 5" woofer... You should probably move into a higher product range to try to tear down the wallpaper with some nasty bottom end.


The most disconcerting thing about these kind of monitors is the honesty of the sound: it's simply brutal! No mercy for glitches or the unsteady volume/attack of my bass played without a compressor. You can hear everything! If it actually sounds on these monitors, you can expect something good. Isn't that the goal of a good studio monitor?
Lhc 09/10/2014

Lhc's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " My faithful and puncture-proof enclosures"

I needed something better than my integrated stereo to make electronic music with my PC! I checked the classifieds and a musician friend told me the MSP5 that were for sale used. Important to me at the time and still today point the vents at the front to be able to place them near a wall (no choice!)

Usage: home studio, since more than 10 years, they still work perfectly.

No amp since they are (bi) amplified only 2 config = MSP5 connected in output to a mixing analog.


I do not have many points of comparison ...

frequency curve: lack of deep bass (normal given the size of HP ...), and there is probably a hollow and a bump in the midrange, which make the overall sound more aggressive than other speakers. I'm so used that it's hard to evaluate the sounds!
In any case it is very dynamic with a specific sound and high volume vents spew so much air on the kicks you can use it as a hair dryer! Beyond a certain level of noise in air vents friction is indeed hear and it's embarrassing (but only at very high volume, to repeat what with deaf, not the usable volume for mixing )

I still find it more appropriate for rock / pop / etc ... that song electro or techno (mostly due to the lack of depth in the bass)


Over 12 years of use and I do not divide them (even if I have a shot full of money and I buy Genelec, I'll always have a possible use for my MSP5) even if I have not tried other models at home; However I have used other models in other home-studio: Yamaha 80W with a big bass box does not suit me because of the vents at the back and the difficulty of placing the subwoofer correctly . on the other hand it is true that the bass is much deeper and it's more fun to mix electro.

I also used briefly Genelec and it's better for sure ... but not the same budget!

I am happy with my MSP5 I know well now, and I work at (good) headphones because of the children whose rooms are close to the studio, and when it sounds good in the headphones and the monitors I find that the mix becomes correct.

Solid, reliable, dynamic and aggressive hair, you have to tame them (as with all monitors) and then it's a joy to use.
luciomoret 06/15/2014

luciomoret's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " at this price, it is MSP5 that convinced me"

clarity, balance the spectrum.
The output of a Roland VS880EX.


A slight weakness in the bass.
Dynamics is surprising category
The stereo image is a little tighter.
The clarity and precision are very satisfactory on the whole spectrum.


I use it for 6 years.
I tried other models in this price range and I did not hesitate after testing MSP5.
What I like: clarity.
What bothers me their weakness in the bass.
Q / P ratio is excellent.
With the same budget, I repeat without hesitation.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Exceptional"

I had Yamaha HS50M, good speakers, but here it is WELL above, from all points of view; impeccable finish, crystal clear sound. Small but ultimately how much weight! Perfect for a good home studio, the best I've ever had. Upon installation, adopted while I struggled with the HS50M.


Its crystal clear, a real pleasure. They differ from HS50M too aggressive. There are really nice, I finally found the speakers that I had to all points of view. Quick test tonight fiddling the talMix my RME UCX, then there prodigious, any change means very clearly. I finally pregnant to mix, nothing to do with what I had so far. Congratulations to Yamaha for those speakers who cross time and modes.


Okay so I have compared to 50M, but well above the 50M are good speakers. By crushing them against the Prodipe P6, inaudible and rough in comparison. I did a test: a MSP5 left a prodipe P6 right, there is no photo huh ;) Although smaller, but then what sound and what finish. Another world. Prodigious small speakers, I hear things that I had never heard before.
Nonosatch 03/28/2014

Nonosatch's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Top moumoute"

Very good speakers with amp, they have a remarkable clarity to the home studio I never change my style


Its very clear, high accuracy


Very good value for money
Batman2 12/21/2013

Batman2's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Very good choice .."

I had a pair of Yamaha MSP5 for 6 years and I was very satisfied. They have a hell of fishing in a small volume. It is primarily this feature that has guided my choice. I was looking for monitors with a clear and crisp, well-defined in the midrange and especially compact.
With MSP5 I was well served.


The sound is clear and precise.


Quality very good value? price.
DomZilla 12/15/2013

DomZilla's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Good price / quality ratio"

The MSP5 were my first monitor speakers. They are an excellent quality / price ratio, at least they were at the time.


They are powerful, relatively neutral although a bit bright, they can be a bit tiring on the length but allow very good mix once you start to know them well (which is the case for all monitor speakers).
The sound is quite clear and precise and very good stereo image.


I use them for years. I replaced by Focal as main speakers stereo, and I spent a very decent 5.1 setup cost.

Moreover, they are very robust and I never experienced any problems with.

The choice of speaker monitoring is very subjective, it is difficult for me to do a review. I do not regret having bought.
R2o 12/12/2013

R2o's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " A great value"

Buy for the price / quality ratio. Amplified speakers with whom I had worked I knew robust, rather precise, not flattering low. The speaker that is found everywhere, it has reinforced my choice. I use to monitor my home studio signals (Mixing music, audio editing)


Enclosure rather neutral, despite careful around 1kHz or there is a slight bump. Little low blow anything too flattering. Personally, I do not support such monitoring HS8 that we tend to flatter the bottom at the expense of upper midrange. Therefore not made to mix in extreme serious but rather between 200Hz and 12kHz accurate given the price. After 12kHz there's much more exploitable. For image and dynamic, they are correct.


I use these speakers for almost 8 years, they always run smoothly. Their openness allows them real close, perfectly suited to the small space. At the time, in the same price range I tried the KRK, the Beringhers, Samson, Fostex.

The range has expanded greatly since then, I would strongly advise taking a 2h in your favorite morning show room.

I love these boxes because until now it has never failed me. It was done quickly, no surprises. THE dynamic is good at low volume, which is appreciable. You choose between low and the accuracy of the listening medium / high.