JoMoX ModBase 09 Bass Drum
JoMoX ModBase 09 Bass Drum

[Musikmesse] 2 Jomox drum modules

Jomox unveils at Musikmesse two new analogue drum modules in 19" Eurorack format, the ModBase 09 and Mod.Brane 11.

Jomox explains that they developed a new analog control system specifically for these modules. Both ModBase 09 and Mod.Brane 11 can be used in live situations thanks to the presence of a CV/Gate control and Trigger inputs. For a more "traditional" use, routable 1/8" analogue CV inputs and one output are present and 4 modes are available for the gate (0-5V, 0-15V, reversed and s-trigger).

128 presets are included and 8 knobs are available for adjusting pitch, tuning, speed, decay, attack, etc.

If you use an electronic drum, Jomox included an internal analogue bus with digital Link and sub-mix and effect mix capacities for each drum pad connected to the module. This programable bus system also accepts a sequencer or effect modules.

Last, a MIDI interface can be accessed at the rear of each module.

Jomox will start this new modular system with the two ModBase 09 Bass Drum and Mod.Brane 11 Percussion, which are expected this summer. Their prices are still to be announced. You can read the announcement on the Jomox website.

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