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JoMoX news

  • [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    01/21/15 in JoMoX T-Rackonizer

    JoMoX will introduce at NAMM the successor of its T-Resonator filter module, the T-Rackonizer in Eurorack format.

  • [Musikmesse] 2 Jomox drum modules

    [Musikmesse] 2 Jomox drum modules

    04/11/13 in JoMoX ModBase 09 Bass Drum

    Jomox unveils at Musikmesse two new analogue drum modules in 19" Eurorack format, the ModBase 09 and Mod.Brane 11.

  • Video JoMoX Moonwind  @Musikmesse

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

    03/26/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

  • [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    01/21/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    JoMoX introduces the MoonWind stereo analog filter tracker at Winter NAMM 2012.

  • No New JoMoX SunSyn MK2 Run After All

    No New JoMoX SunSyn MK2 Run After All

    12/13/10 in JoMoX SunSyn MK2

    Not so long ago, we reported that Jomox was planning a new production run for the SunSyn MKII - but Jomox jas just announced that this attempt had to be cancelled for technical reasons...

  • Jomox SunSyn MK2

    Jomox SunSyn MK2

    10/19/10 in JoMoX SunSyn MK2

    The SunSyn 2.0 will be manufactured again in a very small run, Jomox announced

  • [Musikmesse] JoMoX MBase 11

    [Musikmesse] JoMoX MBase 11

    04/03/09 in JoMoX MBase 11

    The MBase11 generates analog bass drums, from extremely powerful to soft and covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned, according to JoMoX.