Boss GT-6
Boss GT-6

Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from the GT series by BossView website

Users' review: Average mark of 3.5/5 for 48 reviews

Boss GT-6 : MGR/James's user review

"Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor" 10 (10/10)

Overall Opinion 10/10

I acquired mine for the usual $399.99 at AZ Music in Phoenix, Az.

Everything, built like a tank, easy to operate (DO NOT READ THE MANUAL...go to, effects not seen on other pedals ie: defretter, bass ( A REAL SOUNDING BASS), mono, stereo, pan delays, and the list goes on, I can go on forever, read either other reviews or go to my favorite site,

Made in TAIWAN ?!?!?! Anyways, you would not know it judging by the sound quality, and ease of use.

Built like a tank, very excellent selection of OD/Dist, preamp....Mesa Boogie, Peavy 5150, trust me, you will love this unit, but YOU HAVE TO TAKE TIME TO LEARN THE FUNCTION CONTROLS as I did.

I really recommend this. Well worth the money. Only wish it came with its own gig bag.

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