Boss GT-6
Boss GT-6

GT-6, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 49 reviews )
 32 reviews65 %
 12 reviews24 %
 2 reviews4 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

FateFelledVictim's review

Boss GT-6
This pedal has virtually every effect you can think of. It has some of the wierdest effects like the Auto Riffs built in along with the classic choruses, flangers and phasers. There are also a multitude of amp models and distortion types. It cannot be edited through the computer, and there are input/output, output mono, and other plug-ins. As far as I know, it is not rackable either.


It is very easy to find everything and turn everything. The effect presets are selected by turning the dial, and edited by turning the knobs. It takes some time getting used to the effect editing, and the manual comes in handy to get great tone and effects out of the pedal. The manual describes pretty much everything about the pedal, and is over 10 pages long. It significantly helps with the editing, as it gives you tips to make better effects.


The effects on this range from totally outrageous and unusable to the essential guitar add on. The distortions and modulations are all usable in there own way, and the effects and delays are all there to choose from. There are several kinds of wah, and the ability to create your own, which can be cool. The expression pedal is all there and can be assigned to a multitude of tasks. I bought it for my girlfriend and she uses a Ibanez RGX20 through it. I can't stand the Autoriff feature, but other than that, all 340 effects are really nice.


We've been using it for about a month, and the effects are really amazing. I like the chorus knob, separate from the other effects, and the type variation in the distortion. As said before, the only thing I don't like about the pedal is the Auto Riff. I have tried the Boss ME-50 and ME-20 before this, as well as the Digitech RP series, and I thought this blew them away. I got this whole unit, with a power supply for $100, so I could not be happier with the purchase. If I knew what I know now, I would have bought it earlier. Amazing pedal.
MGR/Dale Simmons09/19/2004

MGR/Dale Simmons's review"Boss GT 6 Guitar Effects Unit"

Boss GT-6
Purchased over Ebay from private seller in Chicago, USA
Updating from Boss ME 5 effects unit.
I paid $400 U.S for the unit.

Everything! Has so many effects which are preset and can also be modified by the user.
Patches can be downloaded from the Internet - especially from GTCentral - a great site for all Boss GT effects units, and downloaded into the GT 6 easily.
Amp and speaker configurations sound very much like the originals! I have owned a number of amps ranging from Marshall stacks to Fender and Peavey combos and the sound is very comparable.

Will just take a while to learn all the features but this isn't a criticism, more that I have to pull my finger out and spend some time with the unit!

Usual Boss quality - tough as nails construction and ongoing performance.
My old ME 5 unit is at least 15 years old and has been used live all that time and proved to be very reliable.

A great quality unit which is very affordable for all the features that come with it.

I'm really looking forward to extending the unit's capabilities ( and mine!)


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MGR/James's review"Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor"

Boss GT-6
I acquired mine for the usual $399.99 at AZ Music in Phoenix, Az.

Everything, built like a tank, easy to operate (DO NOT READ THE MANUAL...go to, effects not seen on other pedals ie: defretter, bass ( A REAL SOUNDING BASS), mono, stereo, pan delays, and the list goes on, I can go on forever, read either other reviews or go to my favorite site,

Made in TAIWAN ?!?!?! Anyways, you would not know it judging by the sound quality, and ease of use.

Built like a tank, very excellent selection of OD/Dist, preamp....Mesa Boogie, Peavy 5150, trust me, you will love this unit, but YOU HAVE TO TAKE TIME TO LEARN THE FUNCTION CONTROLS as I did.

I really recommend this. Well worth the money. Only wish it came with its own gig bag.

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MGR/Ch's review"Boss GT6"

Boss GT-6
I bought it in Mexico, it costed me around $480 so in USA it must cost a lot less

This unit is amazing, I've just bought it a days ago and a don't regret a bit of buying it, it has a whole lot of effects, amp models, distortions, we'll you wouldn't believe it.

Well I suposse it's a bit confusing starting using but this is logical, cause there are so much things to do with it, but nothing a little read on the manual wouldn't solve.

Very hard steel, everything is really well done, everything fits just in place and I dont expect it to break apart, ever.

This unit is marvelous, at first I wasn't sure on buying it or not, because although I have my Fender strat I don't have a cabinet or a very powerful amp, I usually play on my band's PA, but I am very happy that I bought it, it's just incerible, believe me.

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MGR/Rob's review"Boss GT-6 with COSM"

Boss GT-6
I bought this from MusiciansFriend for $400

The range of sounds you can produce with this processor is daunting. It is possible to adjust almost every parameter of each of the effects you are using and save all the settings to one pedal. The BPM features allow you to set the master tempo for a patch and then base all of the rates of the master(delay on quarternotes and phaser on quarternote triplets and reverb on 16th notes). It sounds great. The digital out lets me plug directly into my soundblaster.

Apart from the standard effects (rev, dly, chorus, wah, od/dst) there are only two sets of effects, FX-1 and FX-2. You can't use more than one effect from a set at a time. Not a huge problem most of the time, but it does get in the way of the imagination sometimes.

Solid construction. Looks and feels like it will survive me stepping on it for decades.

For $400 I doubt you could do better.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss GT6"

Boss GT-6
I bought mine in a lochal music shop and it cost me 575 ying! I was fed up buying separate stompboxes that were costing me a fortune and needed a multi effects unit that was gig worthy and good enough for recording.

Unbelievable range of distortion wah and clean sounds. To buy all of the individual stompboxes on the GT6 would cost thousands nevermind all the amp types on it.

No, its perfect in every way.

This thing is so sturdy you could enter it in robot wars.

YOU NEED THIS PEDAL! It is worth every centy.....

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MGR/Brendon M12/04/2003

MGR/Brendon M's review"Boss GT-6"

Boss GT-6
I purchased my GT6 from Sounds & Systems in Kenora, ON. They had to order it in which took 2 and a half months! Haha...but it was well worth the wait. I did a lot of research before i made the decision of purchasing the unit. I ended up paying CAD$625.00 + tax.

I love everything about this unit. The amp models are incredible! They change the sound so much and are very detailed. I like the fact that you can tweak almost every setting on the unit. There are a lot of very useful effects..but on the other hand A LOT of useless effects. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life!

The only thing i don't like about this unit is with the harmonizer effects (octave, harmony, etc) you can't play more than one note at a time...doing so will result in the unit making some wierd tones. One other thing i didn't like is how long it took to learn how to use it..i STILL don't know everything about it..and i'm sure i never really will.

As MANY other people have said...the GT-6 is built like a tank! I'd say this thing is virtually indestructable. That doesn't mean you go and run it over with your car or anything...but its built amazingly strong.

Overall...this unit is amazing! The great effects it does have add so much depth and creativity to your guitar playing. I love this unit and if i lost it or if it got destroyed...i would DEFINATELY purchase a new one ASAP. This deserves more than 5/5!

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MGR/Sir Matt Stone11/29/2003

MGR/Sir Matt Stone's review"Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects"

Boss GT-6
I bought this at a pawn shop for $275. It's a joke to me because the people there didn't realize how much it wa worth. It was used a bit by a guy who needed money quick and had to sell it. GOOD DEAL EH?!

The various amounts of effects in this puppy is amazing. there are a few cheesy one's, but most are like that. good buy!

nothing, izall good

very well made

Great unit. If you got the money, buy one. They'll last forever and you'll never go unsatisfied.

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MGR/Simon's review"Boss GT-6"

Boss GT-6
I bought this multieffect-pedal one year ago in an Guitar store in Hamburg-Germany. Ipaid at least 455€ for it. I bought it because I didn`t want to have thousends of single pedals.

It is an digital unit, but the handling is as easy as if it was an analog one. You have got milions of possibilities when you want to create a new sound by yourself. And there are also about 100 presets!

The only negative thing about it is that you sometimes get lost in all those effects you can use together. But if you understand that less is more you`ll have your fun with this pedal.

The Boss GT-6 has got the best quality you can imagine. You can probably jump on it and it wont get destroyed. One time a bottle beer fell on it and all the beer ran out on it, but no problem it is as useable as before!

The Boss GT-6 is the best multieffect-pedal you can imagine in all categories!!!!!

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MGR/Buddy Anderson01/27/2003

MGR/Buddy Anderson's review"Boss GT6"

Boss GT-6
I bought this unit at Andy's Music here in Mobile Al.(also available at )for about $395.
I play guitar for a rather large church and I needed an effects processor and amp sim. that could handle the large variety and styles of music that we perform every week. This processor also had to be able to handle accoustic and classical guitars as well as electric. After talking to other guys in my same situation,I landed on the GT6.

I love most everything about the GT6.It handles all the styles of music that we do very well. I am also very impressed at how it handles all my diffrent guitars with ease. The GT6 is extremly easy to program and set up. I have mine set up to work like stomp boxes. It's like having a whole lot of diffrent stomp box set-ups in one unit. I can set up my GT6 to work with any type of guitar I have to play,and apply the right effects,amp sim.,speaker cab and EQ
as well as some nifty special effects like Uni-vibe,defretter and even some synth effects.

It's too big, and Roland (Boss)does'nt provide any after market support such as patches and sound combos. They don't even have a soft case for it. Finding info on this thing is like finding hens teeth. I wis it were lighter and smaller,I have to use a rolling suitcase to take this thing to church.

Built like a tank. All steel construction,and even a kick plate. This thing will be here for a while. The quality of the sounds are awesome. Our sound guy noticed the difference almost immediatly.His quote was "man that thing is cool". We also send our church service out on radio and TV, and the sound lays real nice in the mix. The amp sims are right on, and very musical. The effects are genuine Boss,need I say more?

I would highly recommend this unit to any one who is tired of lugging all those heavy amps around, and spent all that time hooking up all those stomp boxes and having to deal with wall warts and batteries. Not to mention having to keep up with all those little hookup wires that are forever breaking,crackling and generally wreaking havock right in the middle of some beautifuly quiet song.

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