Steinberg Cubase SX 3
Steinberg Cubase SX 3

General Sequencer from the Cubase SX series by SteinbergView website

Users' review: Average mark of 3.5/5 for 29 reviews

Steinberg Cubase SX 3 : livingstudiocom's user review

" not bad" 7 (7/10)

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Product bought new in January 2005

Getting Started 7/10

install without pb
Easy config
no incompatibilitbr /> manual pdf brief but complete

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install sans pb
config facile
pas d'incompatibilité
manuel sommaire mais pdf complet

Suitability/Performance 7/10

an old cuckoo clock with xp

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un vieux coucou avec xp

Overall Opinion 7/10

drove alone

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ça roule tout seul