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Steinberg Computer Music user reviews

  • Steinberg CI2+ Production Kit

    Steinberg CI2+ Production Kit - "It's awesome!"


    The pack includes the CI2+ interface plus Cubase Ai 6 and Wavelab 7+. It allows you to record demos, be it audio (+VST) or midi (+VSTi) for a very affordable price. There's no need to get the "Extreme Pack" from Steinberg. I switched later to Cub…

  • Steinberg CI2+ Production Kit

    Steinberg CI2+ Production Kit - "Very satisfying"


    I've been using it for three years. Very effective, compact, the xlr/jack inputs are very practical. The MIDI controller is very handy. Sober and discreet design. I'm very satisfied with it. Weak point: The inputs are on the rear. So sometimes y…

  • Steinberg UR824

    Steinberg UR824 - "Very good choice"


    Steinberg is a company with a long history in the music market so I was interested in their products. It's a very good interface, the preamps and converters are good. But if you buy this product it means you demand quality and you have surely a chan…

  • Steinberg Cubase 7

    Steinberg Cubase 7 - "Cubase 7 Offers More!"


    Cubase 7 is offering numerous features that will fit in your workflow right away. Many users will not expect the additions to the latest edition of Cubase because many DAWs aren’t really upgrading the main characteristics of the DAW, but only add a f…

  • Steinberg Nuendo 6

    Steinberg Nuendo 6 - "Nuendo 6 is better than Cubase 7!"


    Many people aren’t aware of the differences between Nuendo and Cubase, which is understandable since they are DAWs with an identical look. If you compare them, there aren’t many things that are going to make a huge difference. But, the programs can o…

  • Steinberg UR44

    Steinberg UR44 - "Professional studio Everywhere"


    What motivate me to buy this product are the following: -Cubase was my DAW of choice; the reason is because it is very compatible with the audio interface UR44. Steinberg created them both so there is no reason for compatibility issues -6 inpu…

  • Steinberg Cubase 7

    Steinberg Cubase 7 - "A great audio software for all level"


    Choosing between pro tools and Cubase was the first challenge to me. These are the most powerful software I think exist today. They were used by the professionals when composing and producing audio. After watching/ reading all the reviews, I decided …

  • Steinberg Nuendo 4

    Steinberg Nuendo 4 - "Excellent if you have the patience to learn it"


    Nuendo 4 was my first DAW, and even though I've tried other options (some of them excellent, such as Reaper) I've always returned to it. While initial installation and setup are fairly simple, getting the most out of Nuendo requires a lot of time. No…

  • Steinberg UR22

    Steinberg UR22 - "Worked really well - Then died...."


    UR 22 Steinberg/YAMAHA Read all the posts and reviews and found value of money with recording quality Ran very well with Cuebase and Audacity. Perfect sound zero detectable noise on Vox and instruments UTILIZATION Drivers and performance is good.…

  • Steinberg Cubase Elements 6

    Steinberg Cubase Elements 6 - "Impossible to install"


    Despite having Cubase 5, I wanted to install this software because it comes with the Zoom R16 recorder and I wanted to know if it had any new features to control it other than the ones in Cubase 5. Yes, I am naive, but there's nothing, except for a c…