Steinberg Groove Agent 2
Steinberg Groove Agent 2

Groove Agent 2, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Steinberg in the Groove Agent series.

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Wing-Anh LUY 05/18/2011

Steinberg Groove Agent 2 : Wing-Anh LUY's user review

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no problem for the very simple instalation and then the cubase recognized directly yeah c'tait rather not bad


Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz, 3GB RAM, external sound card Zoom S2T very steady as config


I use it now for about 4 months and I personally am not a drummer but I know recognize a battery that modeled sounds too strong and I said above with respect to software as superior drummmer 2.0, groove agent that sucks, sonority level a is NOTHING and I would certainly not recommend! it was offered to me for my annivairsaire and did not tell me the price but I am sr c'tait least EUR 150 immediately arrtez and go at once to see Superior Drummer 2.0 that it is a software worth its weight in peanut