Whether in the context of a concert at night or in a nightclub, lighting has long since exceeded its utilitarian function and become a show element in its own right, a creative vehicle that allows one to combine visual and sonic pleasure by manipulating colors, volumes and light intensity in sync with what\'s happening on stage or on the runway.

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Thread readWhat is lighter LED or halogen?[Lighting]1Reniny127010/28/2014 03:20
by puppetmaster
Thread readHow to secure my LED lights to a panel?[Lighting]0Reniny105401/13/2014 21:35
by Reniny
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Thread readThread to be solvedtas colourbeam[TAS ColourBeam]0saloren693704/12/2011 09:07
by saloren
Thread read[Video] Coemar new products[Coemar Infinity Wash XL]0duch706410/08/2010 19:40
by brightmix
Thread readArtemide Tolomeo bold style statement[Lighting]0annbleeker679506/01/2010 03:41
by annbleeker
Thread reada well-known professional electronics industry[Lighting]0jojolucky1815802/01/2010 23:52
by jojolucky
Thread readtech manuals[Futurelight CC-200]0b3n87962110/19/2009 00:07
by b3n87
Thread read[Video] Ma Lighting GrandMA2[Ma Lighting GrandMA2 Fullsize]0duch548511/07/2008 06:20
by duch
Thread read[News] Chauvet Legend 6500[Chauvet Legend 6500]0Cannonball474308/15/2008 08:04
by Cannonball
Thread read[News] Times Square Lighting Broadway Cyc[Times Square Lighting Broadway Cyc]0Cannonball468708/09/2008 15:32
by Cannonball
Thread read[News] American DJ LS-70 LED[ADJ (American DJ) LS-70 LED]0kon-tiki463506/04/2008 12:08
by kon-tiki
Thread read[News] American DJ Flash Shot DMX[ADJ (American DJ) Flash Shot DMX]0kon-tiki468305/29/2008 03:16
by kon-tiki
Thread readPictures and films of your show[Lighting]2Clowny594402/19/2008 15:42
by Clowny
Thread read[News] Martin Light smartMAC[Martin SmartMAC]0duch459101/17/2008 08:59
by duch
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