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Thread unreadScarlett 2i2: Popping and device disconnectingGo directly to the latest post[Focusrite Scarlett]23Joonasamuel2483408/30/2016 12:55
by Antoon55
Thread unread[Getting started] The best studio headphones for about $100[Studio headphones]3Red Led8408/26/2016 05:15
by ainaudio
Thread unreadRevoice Pro Wins Pitch Correction Software Comparison[Computer Music]0Jeremy Lloyd3508/24/2016 09:00
by Jeremy Lloyd
Thread unreadThread to be solvedBehringer UM2 - Windy noise problem[Audio Interfaces]0Scoartza5708/17/2016 05:55
by Scoartza
Thread unreadScarlett 2i2 not working on PC[Studio & Home Studio]0Bram984408/16/2016 01:47
by Bram98
Thread unreadComments about the tip: "Heat vent"[Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]]2john.lutherborrow4308/14/2016 08:44
by angelie
Thread unread[Getting started] The Top Brands for Guitar and Bass Cables[Mono/Stereo Cables]0Red Led4908/13/2016 07:07
by Red Led
Thread unreadComments about the review: Lone pleasure[iSolo iSolo]0Locomotiv4408/11/2016 08:31
by Locomotiv
Thread unread[Getting started] The top large-diaphragm USB mics[USB microphones]0Red Led4608/03/2016 04:16
by Red Led
Thread unreadThread to be solvedS/pdif Synchronization Scarlett 6i6 [2ndgen] - Axe Fx II[Focusrite]1alcyppa9608/15/2016 02:42
by Simon Focusrite
Thread read[Getting started] Acoustic Treatment and Soundproofing for Dummies[Studio & Home Studio]0Los Teignos4508/01/2016 04:43
by Los Teignos
Thread readMaking the vangelis'CS80 on the Jupiter 80.[Roland Jupiter-80]3Studioliv12907/29/2016 02:43
by Studioliv
Thread read[Getting started] The Top Overdrive Pedals for Electric Guitar[Overdrive pedals]0Locomotiv5907/28/2016 12:56
by Locomotiv
Thread readTascam UA122 and Amplitude Live[Audio Interfaces]0panda2346807/26/2016 16:46
by panda234
Thread read[Getting started] The top studio headphones for less than $50[Studio headphones]2Red Led8707/24/2016 05:59
by okcomputerik
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