Gibson Melody Maker - Worn White
Gibson Melody Maker - Worn White

LP-Shaped Guitar belonging to the Melody Maker model

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iamqman 02/14/2012

iamqman's review "write me a melody"

Gibson has really owned a large portion of the market with there great sounding and rich volume guitars such as the Explore, SG, and especially the infamous Les Paul. This is basically the cheaper version or junior version of a LP guitar. This guitar is shaped like a LP and has that familiar tone and ring to it. This guitar features a single coil pickup which is unusual to many of the models that Gibson guitars make.



Body Species: Mahogany
Jack Location: Top
Species: Mahogany
Profile: Rounded
Neck Joint Location: 16th Fret
Species: Rosewood (or baked maple depending on stock on hand)
Scale Length: 24-3/4"
Total Length: 18.062"
Number of Frets: 22
Nut width: 1.695"
Inlays: Dot
Plating Finish: Chrome
Tailpiece: Wraparound
Knobs: Black tophat
Tuners: Vingate white button
Bridge Pickup: single-coil
Controls: One volume, one tone
Manufactured in: Nashville, TN


This guitar sounds like a LP guitar because of the shape first of all but also the wood combination that is used throughout the construction process. This guitar has a nice rich tone but it has a cool single coil quality to it that makes it a very different sound than I am used to in the Gibson instruments. I am used to that thick Gibson sound and this is more of a focused tone that has a little beef behind it. Tye sound could use a little bit more beef and I think a pickup replacement would be in order with this guitar. i would suggest getting a nice boutique single coil from another manufacture's and sticking it in there to get a better overall tone with the instrument.


The price of this guitar is very nice. You can get a great sounding American made guitar for right at around $450 which is stellar price. Overall, this is a cool guitar but in my opinion it is not a main stay guitar. It is not going to be a main guitar for most people because it just has that unusual tone that most people I think are unfamiliar with. This is a very less expensive version of the true Le PAul guitars but it still has a wow factor in my eyes that appeals to me.
tjon901 05/17/2011

tjon901's review "Is this really a Gibson?"

In 2007 Gibson started putting out a new version of the Melody Maker. The 2007 version has 2 single coil pickups on a thin slab of supposedly mahogany wood. It has a 22 fret mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. Dont expect any binding whatsoever. It has an unusually small headstock that looks like it would be more suited on a banjo. It has a large single ply pickguard where all the electronics are mounted. The output jack is mounted perpendicular to the body on the single ply pickguard which is a problem because any lateral force on a cable plugged into the jack may cause the pickguard to crack. This is why most Gibsons have the jack mounted into the body wood itself even if it is perpendicular to the body. The guitar has a single tone and volume control and a 3-way toggle switch pickup selector. The guitar has a simple wrap around bridge probably made from aluminum. There is no adjustment on the bridge for strings so good luck if you are having a hard time getting your guitar intonated. The guitar has one of Gibsons faded finishes. Gibson started doing faded finishes to save money. They are pretty much a painted guitar without the final clearcoat on it. This means the finish is unprotected and will easily come off the wood. Some people who like the relic look will like this others will not.


These guitars come with Gibsons 50s style neck profile. The Gibson 50s style neck profile is commonly referred to as the baseball bat neck profile. It almost feels like you are holding to Ibanez necks in your hand. This may make it hard for people with smaller hands to play the guitar. The fretwork on this example was not very good. Gibson has been hit or miss on the fretwork of their lower end models lately. I would wager to bet most Epiphones have better fretwork that this guitar. Due to the body being so thin the guitar is very light which may be good for some people. It does not feel like a quality or solid guitar in your hands.


Gibsons are known for their big fat tones but apparently they forgot that when they designed this guitar. Due to the thin body and low quality wood the tone is likewise as thin. The single coils are thin and tinny with an almost painful high end sound to them. They are also very noisy. The guitar is very jangly sounding. This is not what you would associate or typically expect from a Gibson guitar. The sound may be usable for some types of country music or maybe punk rock.


There are an infinite number of foreign made guitars that are better than this Gibson. This guitar frankly feels like a toy and sounds like something you would buy for a 5 year old at Wal-Mart. I really do not know why Gibson would put their name on something like this. The street price on these guitars is around 500 dollars and frankly that is asking too much. Gibson is hurting their brand image by selling something like this. This is clearly for the people who just want to say they own a Gibson and dont care or know what a Gibson is supposed to sound like.
Audiofanzine FR 12/15/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

(Originally written by micka78/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
- Where was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...)

US-made guitar

- How many frets, what kind of pickups and what is the pickup configuration?

22 frets

- What kind of bridge (Floyd Rose, Wilkinson....)?


- Which controls (volume, tone, pickup selector...)?

One volume control and one tone control.

- What kind of neck?

60's-like neck...


- Is the neck comfortable?

Yes and no! I'll explain myself: when I first tested it at the store, I found the neck rough because of the lack of varnish but after having playing it some time I now find it pleasant.

- Is the access to the upper frets easy?

It's ok. The guitar is rather light so you can allow yourself some acrobatics on the upper frets, but it wasn't really conceived for that purpose.

- Is the instrument ergonomic (body shape, weight...)?

I had never had such a light guitar before...

- Is it easy to get the right sound?

It depends on your setup. Personally, I got a quite fat, metal sound pretty easily and also a crunch sound. But I don't really like the clean sound.


- Does it fit your music style?

Yes and no! It does the job fairly good but I needed more versatility.

- Which amp(s) or effect(s) do you use with it?

At home, I use small 15-watts Fender and Vox amps. It is more than enough for training. I also used Line6 Toneport UX2 for demos. For rehearsals with a band I generally used a 100-watt Marshall or my 200-watt amp and I found the results really good.

- What kind of sounds do you get and which settings do you use ("crystal-clear", "fat", ...)?

Good versatility for distortion but the clean sound was quite disappointing. But it's a matter of taste.


- How long have you been using it?

I bought it in June 2008.

- Which feature do you like the most / the least?

I liked the idea of owning a Gibson (even an inexpensive one). For a small price you get a guitar made in Gibson's Nashville factory. It's much better than its worthless Asian competitors. Thumbs up to Gibson for manufacturing this model again.

- Did you try any other models before buying it?

No because it was love at first sight with this model.

- How would you rate its value for money?

Excellent. It's great to own a US-made guitar for such a price! It's perfect for beginners but also for enthusiastic musicians and semipros who will most likely customize it (I wanted to add a mini-humbucker). Important thing: Mount straplock pins because the original pins are really bad. The guitar can easily fall down.

- Based on your experience, would you buy this product again?

Yes and no! Yes because it's easy to customize, which is one of its main successes. No because it's way too fragile (it has no varnish) and you'll have to spend a lot of money to customize it, like I did.

I sold it and bought a Gibson Les Paul. But if I ever have enough time to customize a guitar I think I'll get it back
Dreadredful 02/18/2014

Dreadredful's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Very good scratch"

I have the 2007 version with a simple single pickup, 22 frets, volume tone, big stick. It's made in the USA. Since I use another pulling strings I changed the waparound with a Schaller bridges. Sober finish, I like it but it may surprise.


The handle is very comfortable, easy to play. The weight is ridiculous, very nice. Access to acute is lespauliens. We get a good sound easily, for my part I always down the tone to 6 or 7 story to turn a little loud enough treble.


I play many different styles, both the noisy noise that jazz, or a little more modern music. One would expect that with a single microphone that is very versatile little guitar, but paradoxically it is enough. She transcribed exactly what you play, it will not fix your sound like guitars more upscale, but it transcribes your game perfectly. It gives me enormous interest of this guitar, you hear your game without bonus or alteration.


I played for about 2 to 3 years. Today there is a micro version (my favorite) for only € 250 Cygnus, instead of buying the 2014 version is only erstaz to paul studio I suggest you save € 300 with this version which is very versatile!
victhebig 10/12/2010

victhebig's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " One of the best guitars in the world! Yes!"

Gibson USA: excellent rglage factory.
But to find a good guitar should try for hours, hundreds of models ... Do not hesitate!
My models: white satin, single coil (single micro)
Mahogany, Corian nut (h will make a bone)
Acryllique inserts (need pearl)
tonnament: Mechanical solid.

Lgre like a pen ... to be finished with my shit in his body rigid SG!


I chose the white satin
as the sunburst was a rough race trsdsagrable ...

The game is top of Mount .10 -. 52 I think
Yet the game is fluid, the strings are very good with action Idale RULES!

Solo: super sustain, almost better than a super bending strato!

The body vibrates vibrates vibreeeeee!! A pleasure


Coupl my little Peavey Envoy solid state,
or the Mesa Boogie Express ... It is a pure delight!

The clean sound is rich, like a crystalline Tlcaster, really great.
It gives all class gibson ...

The distorted sound is a pure pleasure to rock and punk 1.
We can do without mtal with Adrangi too ... The palm mute out better than all single coils I've ever had (even the Gibson P90)

I do not know the specs of the mic, but I'm not going to change it!
He goes over all output humbucker Epiphone, Gibson and even some (490T)


bought yesterday,
remains how to grow old!

I'm in love, and this is my deuxime Gibson! (The other SG Standard)
Try, try re!
Ptite a standard guitar with a sound!
pollux2paris 01/12/2010

pollux2paris's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

For specifications, see below ... mine is a dual.
The bridge is very simple, no adjustment action single string (global setting by both studs maintains) or octave. However, and whatever some posters, I would just note that it does is useless if the guitar is fretted and that does not luthée 8-32 on a guitar for the 10-46 (which is the case). Incidentally, the folk and the classics do not have this kind of setting and what does not prevent them from being extremely accurate. What is the passage where my Melody Maker, not a comment on its accuracy.

To handle and globally for the overall result of the guitar is cheap, very cheap. No varnish, just paint. It must be fast skating. In contrast to the comfort level on the stick, it slide by himself! Nothing to do with the sleeves that prevent harm varnish to move the handle. Rendering approaches a bare neck. Following is a question of taste, but I find it more comfortable.

Overall I put 10. No fuss. I prefer a guitar that I know she is well adjusted to the base and including a trigger guard screw may not move while I play. Everything that made the scene one day find themselves either to put nail polish all over for it avoids by not wishing to move one thing: It does not really move. The building is the case.


The neck is fat and round. It looks more like a fretboard Folk as a handle Ibanez JS ... At the same time the one who wants to do with this guitar Satriani is wrong ... Finally, it is my opinion. It is however extremely comfortable and contrary to what I read below, its easy handling helps the velocity (not good for a shredder, in this case, take an Ibanez ...). In comparison I have a Start (a real) with a soft V. Full of plans I had abandoned becaufe too hard to put on this race, I have found immediately on this one.

The ergonomics are good. It is more like an LP junior than anything else. It is especially mega lightly this is really great when we chained 3 / 4 hours of repetition. Moreover it is super well balanced this is not true of all guitars. The handle is not going to take a nosedive, the guitar does not tend to get upright. I do not know if this is coincidence or not, but it is rare enough on low-end to be stressed!

Readily obtained a good sound, but it I return below. Of course the sound is extremely distinctive and somewhat not please everyone.

To return to a remark read lower course it is flat! like the LP Junior. Incidentally, the camber Les Paul was not made for acoustic reasons, but simply to make copying more difficult (it's spelled on Gibson booklets provided when purchasing an instrument. ..).


So now talking about her. It is very typical. It's mahogany rosewood fingerboard. So it is not crystalline. It's not very simple micro fat. In fact I'd say it's missing a lot of mids without being sharp or loud, however. I have it in dual pickup, so I can have a much more bassy, ​​but even like that, it lacks body depth. However it has a lot of sustain, and is very expressive in the game In fact she really personality.
Please necessarily ca not lovers of the aseptic. With this we do not scratch the ball. It is rock and punk. And there it torn serious!
I wanted to compare it with the LP Junior (new relatively affordable) and BJA LP Junior. Although the GM pickups are not P90, their output level is higher. Clearly, over fishing, and its almost better defined, less precisely round.

I play on AC30, with a lot of vintage pedals typed. A Fuzz (with BC108), a treble booster (OC44), a TS9, a GTO and a MOJO Zvex BOR. She rings with everything. However, some would of its lack of midrange and micro pechus tree, it is not suitable for a crunch (maintenant. .. it is not a Tele or Start). It gives very clear that in crunch lightly on the brightness, it gives a very large OD. It's hard to hold between the two.


To start, I was skeptical mega. A Gibson at this price ... AC must be really crappy and price of labor in the U.S. ... we find Korean 100 times better. It started almost 3 years ago.
I tried it. Then re tried. Again and again. Each time with a lot of fun, but each time telling me there 's a wolf somewhere. It was a favorite, but doubted the spirit.

The tree trunk handle me off too (I played at that time mainly on a Leduc end 81 with a handle more than fine). But his personality was that I was coming back.
Some opinion here among other things, made me doubt. I'm finally offered me two months ago. And believe me, this guitar is killer with a personality very pronounced. Besides, I'd Gibson, I would prepare a set of mahogany with first choice, careful attention to the violin and leaving the rest to the same (especially the bridge) for sale $ 2000 or more.
His personality may please or displease, but objectively, it's a very good instrument and for a price ... The value for money is exceptional in my opinion.

With experience, I would do this choice, but earlier! What a waste of time.
Given its comfort and playability, I advice to all beginners wanting to play rock / punk 60'-70 'who want to make a purchase they will not throw in 2 years. It will sound great too rock for the POP / POP present Brit. In contrast to the outlaw in metal or variety.

Last tip for the price difference, get there in Dual Pickup
Jack.bass 06/19/2009

Jack.bass's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Made in America
al neck 22 frets
A simple Micro
CONTRL: Tone and Volume



You can not say that the handle is specially enjoyable. The finishing touch is a li rather dsagrable same.
Ergonomics dplorable, this guitar looks like a bread board. No relief on the body. It is flat!
It gets a good sound? given as the configuration of micro, a poor micro simple fool quality and well no!


I think it's only for a guitar to rock, but really Fawn beginners.
the only sound that I liked were obtained with a large t simulation line6 amp ultra vintage, although dirty.


I tested this guitar is a friend. A week is more than enough to make 1000 times around the crate stamped Gibson. This is the only thing that saves this instrument, the image of the brand. Ms less than 200 euros, the ringtone maker would undoubtedly the worst guitar in this price range.
dirtjo 01/23/2009

dirtjo's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

22 frets
Wraparound Bridge (former)
Volume and well-Tone effective.
Single-coil pickup.
Typ Channel 60's round, super enjoyable.
Mechanical GIBSON DELUXE, but pretty Sol tends not to hold the note on bends.
Skyscrapers ultra simplistic: a microphone, two knobs and ITS.

I put 8/10 for mcaniques not top.


Personally I find the extra inning, it really wife the shape of my hand (I play with the thumb on barrs), great for blues least for solo shred ...

The access to acute is facilitated by the low thickness of the heel, but basically it's good ergonomics of a Les Paul after a big regime, not the guitar weighs nothing.

For sound, it is in my opinion the only selling point unless you are absolutely looking for a Gibson.

I put 10/10 great look, taking easy and lightweight hand.


It's perfect my style, I play blues and rock and the sound is parfais ... with the tone of 10 was a kind slamming his telecaster less brilliant, 0 the sound loses some presence but with ca crunch goes nikel, I play with the tone of 7/8 is a good compromise between the cot in my slamming of 10 and crmeux cot 0. Note that although the microphone pretty extreme bridge position (less to put under the bridge) good bass custody and is not too loud on crystalline clean.

I played it with my FENDER BLUES JUNIOR has spent less than a Start in the clear but crunch and overdrive (with a tube screamer) ca super password, one gets the impression that the sound growls when you attack safe, its pretty much slap particularly low.

With the Marshall JTM 45 is magic (good amp is really cool too) sound blues as I love, and when you push the amp and the guitar that attack oats severe, friendly for small dlires old kind hard AC / DC LED ZEP with a distortion pedal. I play a lot of RED HOT and sound of the MELODY MAKER is impressive, I play a Strat but the sound of the tone GIBSON with 10 is quite similar with a chorus

The cleans are not bad with a little grain on acoustic bass.
For crunch and overdrive is really top with this vintage cot in his bourr of mdium not as bad for stoner.
For large distos, it's not really made for (single microphone) but with good accuracy of all distortion is playable but the bulk metal is difficult.

For sound I put 8/10 I love, but hey it's not super versatile.


I've had a few weeks, I love raw cot without varnish, and philosophy you branch and rises and its sounds, no need to split between three pickups, the tone is very well work. I play on a GIBSON LES PAUL ANTIQUE FENDER STRAT a MEX, a LES PAUL STANDARD, and MELODY MAKER is probably the one that throws the least but I find this guitar ROCK N ROLL is not made to drool over but it sounds, if you are looking for a Les Paul has less cot damn it, the grain is really very special. The report is qualitprix ... honest, well less than 500 euros for a GIBSON US has felt the sting but good no frills here: no varnish, no box, a microphone, a flat body. The sound is what is essential.
I would do this choice without problem

I put it 8/10, super nice guitar.
Michael_86 09/06/2008

Michael_86's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Gibson United States, my two microphones and a MODEL is black while the rest said t adj.


The handle is trs enjoyable when you have the habit (the handle is trsdroutant Gibson to beginners because it is round and well lumberjack trs)
Access in agus is not bad, it just has a bolt from the box 20/21me but quite corect in any case it playable trs.
Trslgre guitar, with good ergonomics trs


It is perfect for my style of music, the Hard Blues AC / DC, Blues, Good old rock'n'roll ...
I use an ENGL Sovereign 50 amp and as a multi-effects BOSS ME-50
I get a very fat and warm sound
I dtest mtal distortions too, and I like the blues or rock'n'roll


I use it for 5 days
What I like most about it is that for a cheap guitar, it rivals the biggest hassle free, what I like least is its lack of polish because right now it's going but over time it will be all cracked.
I ssay an sg before me as well but I really cracqu for MODEL
The ratio quality price is excellent (419)
Yes I would do is choosing without hsiter
timot59320 07/12/2008

timot59320's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Everything t said ...


The neck is super enjoyable, without being really great.

Access in acute is easy, but with a bit of trouble from the 20 th frets (even if I use it only rarely trs)

This is a guitar trslgre enjoyable and trs

Its level, well, it's simple, you plug, sounds and sending ...


This guitar rpond my expectations perfectly. I tried the guitar that sounds direct, no frills and all that crap. It is ideally suited my style of music (blues, rock and roll 60's, just like phone, bb brown).

I play with a Vox AC-15 amplifier and void <p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>(not used).</span>

The sounds are achieved standards, is exactly that I seek is sharp, while having a fat ... Perfect for me to play.

This scraper has a typical and then the trs for some pieces I use my Start because of both the Melody Maker is not appropriate some styles


I use it for 6 months, and I can not get enough and I want more

I love the price, the vintage look trs, the sound ...

Before purchasing this MODEL, I try a lot of guitars like Airline, Tine-Line Telecaster, Epiphone (various) ... . I hesitated a long time with a team of a Telecaster P-90 with its huge, but the price to be decided (my memory more than 700euros for the Telecaster)

The report is excellent qualitprix

I remake that choice without hesitate

My guitarist uses an Epiphone Sheraton and the Sheraton-couple Melody Maker is an evil ...