M-Audio Axiom Pro 49
M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

MIDI Keyboard Controller belonging to the Axiom Pro model

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  • 11/18/09M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

    Axiom Truth - M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

    It used to be black and now it's white. M-Audio's controller keyboard is back with a new look and on steroids...

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JoeW1 03/23/2013

JoeW1's review

Some of the features that motivated my choice were the 49 semi weighted keys with a very powerful touch and sensitivity response , the Hyper Control technology that is a time saver.

There are two type of controls , both midi and pedal based.


The general configuration and setup is quite simple , thanks to the technology that comes with this product , you get an instant connection with your working DAW trough the Hyper Control feature.

The manual is greatly designed , very easy to follow and visually well placed.

The patch selection is quite amateur friendly , you get a blue screen where you can choose your presets and even forget about working with your mouse.


What I like most about it , are the 49 semi weighted keys , the hyper control technology , the knobs , the 64 midi controls , that useful blue screen where you can control everything that's happening in your DAW.

What I also like about this product , is how close M-audio got to emulate a real acoustic piano to a midi controller , the keys feel very good , the touch and velocity response is on a completely new level.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , this product costs around 500 $ on amazon , but having these features on your demand , it will make a huge difference in your songs.

Precision and quality of the sound is perfect , the response from the midi controller is very precise , you can create crazy syncopations and your controller will respond properly to it.

I've tried several models , from different companies , getting this level of control with only 500 $ is great , AKAI also has some decent midi controllers , but m-audio axiom pro 49 is the leader here.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this controller again.
Azuma 02/25/2013

Azuma's review

What features motivated my choice are those semi weighted keys , a great velocity sensitive feature , I also did like how you can totally forget about your mouse and your daw , so that way you can control the features and options trough that little blue lcd screen.

The drum pad was also quite good and sensitive which worked as an mpc.

This product has a midi type of connection.


General configuration and setup is straight forward , pretty amateur and easy to follow along.

The manual provided with the program was quite good, well detailed , all the information that was relevant to the way this product works and how you can get a pretty easy understanding.

The channel and patch selection was quite simple and fast , which I really like about M-audio products.

The general configuration and setup didn't take a long time , this product has a direct link mode which saves a lot of time from setting up every mixer , pad , effect to your daw.


What I like most about are the keys , they feel really good , almost as real as an acoustic piano , they have a great time response , a great velocity response.

I also must say that the drum pad feels very good , its material is soft and pleasant , the mod wheel is made from a nice material as well.

I like that blue screened lcd , so that way the musical process goes much faster and way more fun that it usually is.

I haven't had and found any errors , so I would rate precision and quality of the sound with 10/10.

The price of the product is about 350$ , so this isn't a very cheap midi controller , however the design and features are awesome.

Knowing what I know , without a doubt I would get this product again.
BeyondR 09/03/2012

BeyondR's review

Characteristics that motivated my choice was the HyperControl Technology, 49-Note that are hypersensitive, semi-weighted piano style, 64 MIDI assignable controls total and the great design provided by M-audio Axiom Pro 49.
M-audio Axiom Pro 49 has a Midi type of connection, also 2 sustained pedals.


The general configuration of the program it's very simple, it has a well detailed manual that clears some things out,I like the LCD and its cool features , the pads, knobs, sliders, pitch control, and many cool features.
The manual is quite clear and advanced at the same time, so if you've never worked with an Midi Controller you should check also some tutorials regarding the HyperControl function and the real time playing provided by the product.


What I really like about it is the design, that white looks damn good, I do enjoy the HyperControl Technology, and I gotta admit that those keys feel and look Pro, and they are expressive and well manufactured.
Another advantage that has M-audio Axiom Pro 49 is the enhanced DAW Integration with HyperControl Technology that makes possible to just plug-in-play feature available.

I can't say it's the cheapest Midi Controller on the market, it costs around 400$ on Amazon, having said that,it's probably one of greatest, world-wide used by many and many producers and musicians.
Mike Shinoda uses it in his productions as well as many others.

The precision and quality of sounds is on a very high level, you can barely see the difference between a real piano and this well made midi controller, the timing, sync, is purely perfect with the DAW that you're using it.

I really do recommend to buy this product if you're serious about music production and want something that feels great, would work as a piano and as a controller, M-audio made that possible and also provided the unique feature of controlling the whole DAW action from the LCD.
Lau999 11/10/2012

Lau999's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I bought this controller after reading forums etc notice.
Characteristics that motivated me: sensitive semi weighted, keyboard "all in one" (knobs, sliders, pads ...), design, keyboard splitable ... and "HyperControl" (sic, well maybe, but not for all uses)


Pianist is not touching suited me perfectly although a little soft, aftertouch is fun to play ... to use my keyboard is "too much" .. a simple touch lighter synth appropriate.

The manual is blah blah ...
Editing the controller itself (I'm not talking about HyperControl which I will post) is with the screen, not through menus and sub menus, but pretty damn poorly suited to utlisation "knober" ...

HyperControl is not made for anyone who wants to tweak a tt will ... is frozen and unplayable in my opinion ... I found this thing sucks ... There are two modes: normal and HyperControl transport, transport mode you lose most of the settings for twelve o'clock preset programs (I basically tried with cubase 5 and a bit ableton that I do not control him at all) and only a few functions are kept (for transport, play, pause etc. precisely!).

Why I have not been able to do with HyperControl? Because it is used to navigate when chéplukoi mode (there is a general pattern, I do not know the term, where you have access to volume, pan ... and a particular one will say) through the crowd parameters ... say you choose to go on your 8 track you want to tweak your vst? yay your vst 40 parameters, for example, you'll have 8 pages of parameters corresponding to the 8 knobs page being utlisation ... for the other 8, you supported a button and it scrolls the next page, and for the next 8 rebelote settings etc. .. etc. .. this is normal HyperControl mode ... order parameter can not be changed if HyperControl is normal ... so if you have your setting and cut off your reso another example is death, because it is necessary to change page ..
you can not work fast with it and it quickly becomes the mission to find a specific parameter ... in the end I found myself staring at the screen tj and be tempted by the mouse. or transfer any remaper HyperControl and my sauce ...

HyperControl seems rather appropriate to use more secondary parameters and settings synths etc ... for example, it can be effective if you focus primarily on piano playing and settings synth sounds etc. ... more to refine a big no settings live improvisations eyc / /: ..


I used a two months or more before having roughly the turn of logic and understand that it was not for me.

Before him I had a first oxygen b61 Geb. "
mawou 10/19/2011

mawou's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " essential"

49-key master keyboard with aftertouch
fully integrated with the main software computer music HyperControl
an input / midi output
input pedal expxression / sustain pedal input
eight pads on
8 potentiometers (endless) and 9 programmable faders
9 programmable buttons
LED display clearly visible, which delivers information very useful and sufficient


used on windows 7 Reason to ProTools 6 and 9 PM
no problem of compatibility with the latest driver downloaded from m-audio

not used in midi simple, on the other hand
particular configuration, given in the user manual (two for each software manipulations)

therefore, fully pre-programmed functions for these two programs, which does not reassign if necessary such as button function (midi learn)

option, accessory, to send ASCII messages to the computer to avoid using the QWERTY keyboard (that's not necessarily very successful)

Manual quite successful

keyboard and touch pad nice and fairly realistic

all solid

Use frankly baffling, one can almost drop mouse ...
HyperControl makes a big difference compared to the standard set axiom


I've had a little over a year and I do not see how without it for computer music.
Even though I have a nocturn, I doubt that the keyboards on automap (especially the next impulse) are also integrated to the software.
The features that appear on the LED screen completely eliminate the need of the computer screen when the virtual instrument issued or the session Reason launched (you can easily navigate from one track to another, but to create them without screens, impossible).
Compared to a simple axiom, the contribution of HyperControl is undeniable.

Rugged: no buttons and no button "dead" since (and bought used), unlike my PADKONTROL four pads are switched several seconds ...
CaptaineFilou 02/05/2011

CaptaineFilou's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

What characteristics have motivated your choice?
the number of keys and control to control the hyper cubase 5.

What connector (MIDI pedals ...)? ...
Midi input for sustain pedal, expression. Connects to USB. Power button handy.

I put only 3 because I believe that the features provided by the manufacturer are false: Axiom Pro is not compatible cubase 5 and 6 under Windows. Otherwise I put 7. But I will return later to this subject.


The touch keyboard is it nice? Should your use?

Touch? without hesitation in the best midi controller. Why? because the MKII innovation could have been nice if the keyboard early in the race had not been placed upon the support of the key (not easy to be clearer) The AKAI 49 is simply a joke, with a touch irregular. It was just for him the distinction of being the strongest of the 3. The M-Audio is really by far the best touch. CAUTION nothing to do with a MIDI keyboard Fatar, or clavinova. It remains a very touching way, but decent.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
YES! them at least unlike the competition it offers a fairly comprehensive manual in French!

The general configuration is simple?

The selection of MIDI channels, patches is easy?


For how long have you been using it?
The use?? I liked that I use it fully .... but suddenly its use is limited to a simple keyboard for 6 months.

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Yes, 3 cities. All purchased and exchanged or refunded. The M-Audio is truly the best of 3 and yet ...

What thing do you like most/least about it?
Most? They were able to complete and easy control via the hyper. Yes the novation takes best VST plugins. BUT what is it to control things that are less convenient to control than a mouse? That is the problem of innovation and the success of any pro axiom. It offers less opportunity and something, but it offers the basics and offers a real time saver.

The least? and many software hyper control. Yes he has a HUGE flaw: it does not work with cubase ... Forget. I have windows 7 and 5 cubase hyper freeeze control is either the keyboard or cubase. It is simply filled with bugs. Their forum is filled with complaints and do nothing. It's very simple, their product so-called "pro" (the best of the range) is simply a piece of lying on the compatibility with cubase and windows. At a time when I write, they are in control of hyper version 1.2 which is from 2009. 2 years of complaint, they have still done nothing. There is a beta version 1.3, but freeze as well. So if there is no change in HyperControl cubase FLEE this keyboard !!!!!!!!

How do you rate the quality / price?
IF there was no problem with cubase I would say that the value is good, but nothing more. But with this feature misleading (cf: Cubase compatibility) the value is nulisime.

With experience, this choice would you do? ..
Yes and no. Yes, because the 3 is the best keyboard, but not because I'll just do without a midi controller, because no manufacturer has made an effort to make a good product.
BUT I repeat: if you use Cubase on Windows FLEE this keyboard! And a HUGE blow for M-Audio Guelle that mocks its customers royally with a dismal support and software not working!

If HyperControl I would operate would have been 7 / 10. But then I put him 1 / 10 to correct his touch and his simple manual in French.

PS: I'm touching CONCERE amateur pianist.
savor 05/07/2010

savor's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " very well"

* What characteristics have motivated your choice?
In the store where I bought it there were 4 models.
I bought because it gave me confidence.


* The touch keyboard is it nice? Should your use?
Yes, I have chosen for that!

* The general configuration is simple?
It took me 2 hours to understand his philosophy.

* The selection of MIDI channels, patches is easy?
Very simple.

* The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Manu-what? What manual? ;)


* For how long have you been using it?
1 day
* What thing do you like most/least about it?
The pros:
Areas. There are 4 zones and each zone can use or not the entire keyboard. We can assign a different MIDI channel. There are 4 buttons used to select which areas to use. The zones can be selected together.
The numbers of sliders and knobs.
The look.
The number of backup: 50 I believe!
The -
I wish that when you select an area with a MIDI channel and preset sliders knob follow the same channel. I plugged my juno G. In Performance mode I can assign a sound for each MIDI channel. So I can play with the keyboard and the juno sound with the "Axiom" play a different sound on a different MIDI channel. This 4-zone so I can get him to play 4 different sounds. The problem is that the volume pot and sliders can control the setting of a single sound because it is linked to a MIDI channel preset.

* Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No, just the touch.

* What is your opinion about the value for the price?
It is expensive but the level Q / P is good. This is not good to buy something only for the price. Personal opinion!

* Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...
No, I bought the Axiom Pro 61.
Sinedvdb 04/23/2009

Sinedvdb's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

All the MIDI controller, the connection noon. The hyper-control with Reason


Compared to the classic axiom is true that the after touch is amlior key is also of good quality. All the dynamic curves of the keys can be set (to fit the style of each).

No worries installation. recognition of the prog keyboard Reason 4 are provided ATTENTION taking chage of hyper-control occurs only from version 4 of Reason

The manuals are in English (in England buy) the basic guide is downloaded in French on the M-audio site. As against the guides "hyper-contol" with the respective software are not available on the site in French.

All the controllers are well made, the pots are not Crant + and - infinity. The buttons light up when active (a very nice soft blue Lumire). The fact of operating a controller to the PC screen, it uses the on-screen brightness on the keyboard (cartografie controllers), with its name underneath. It is easy to spot


I had a Roland E-35 and I tried an Axiom 49

Good control of hyper greatly facilitates life. The menu navigation is intuitive ass. But first few boards. The ASCII control work wonders. They are pr-parameter but can of course be the by you. They allow you to spend a lot of PC keyboard

Good said that one should not hope to control all the subtleties of the BTE in a weekend. as I have precise navigation through menus sound modules with the keyboard is still difficult to aprander. Matter of habit

Compared to AXIOM 49 (gray), the ratio quality price is questionable. That said I would do the same choice. The time spent is greatly amlior Fast Fashion music from a keyboard programming.

In addition, it is rather pretty as keyboard :-) .

J'espre that these few comments will aid you in your choice.