Akai MPC1000
Akai MPC1000

Sampling Sequencer belonging to the MPC1000 model

User Reviews: 4.575 Average used price: $563
mitchgeist 11/13/2012

Akai MPC1000 : mitchgeist's user review

"Decent Mid - Level Sampler"

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The MPC1000 is a 64-track sampler/sequencer. It comes with 16 MB sample memory as standard, and can be expanded to 128 MB. It supports a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, in stereo or mono. Its features include a USB port, an internal CompactFlash card reader, two MIDI inputs and outputs, and effects and multiple analog outputs as standard. Its sequencer's resolution is 96 ppq.


It is a simple install as with most MPC models. The manual is clear and sufficient, and the functions are as easy as MPC's get.


Not the best sounding MPC model, but not bad. The effects are below average I would say, but it still gets the job done.


It's good for someone starting out, not sure full fledged productions could be made on this thing. Overall I would still try it out at a Guitar Center to see if you like it.
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