Akai MPC2000XL
Akai MPC2000XL

Sampling Sequencer from the MPC series by AkaiView website

Users' review: Average mark of 3/5 for 31 reviews

Akai MPC2000XL : FP User's user review

10 (10/10)

Characteristics 8/10

I am Completely satisfied with all the new features that were added to the 2000XL (Exp. Main screen Key, Hing LCD Moniter, etc). The only thing is see missing is all Mpc's should come with a built in Zip Drive. The Floppy disk drive is not very helpful if you use Samples in your music!

Price paid


Utilization 10/10

Very Easy To use basic Sequencing. But things get a lot more complicated as you advance in Music Production!

Sounds 10/10

The sound quality all depends on what you feed it!

Overall Opinion 10/10

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 4-, 2003)