Yamaha ERG-121
Yamaha ERG-121

STC-Shaped Guitar

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MGR/Alexei 11/23/2010

MGR/Alexei's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

i'd knew this gear for long time but i never thought i would have it as my second electric guitar. i left world of electric for 2 years and played Acoustic for that long.
i know what a good guitar means. and this guitar could be called so so

Well i got this Guitar second hand from a local dealer. no amp or bag included.
but price was freaky good. 120 $
i was short in money and in this price this guitar matched greatly.

well the quality of body is fine. neck and frets look good. its a good guitar for a beginner. worths more than what it seems. specially smoothness of frets which wont make the newbies get tired of this guitar.

sound of this guitar is not what it gotta be.
Fret's steel are too high so you can not low the action too much. this is general problem of all cheap guitars. so you stat between a high action or a noisy sound out of fretboard.
you can modify the guitar frets which makes your guitar your soul bound means you cant sell it after that.

body quality is higher than similar guitars in this class. fretboard is a decent Rosewood. pickups are not good at all.

this is a good guitar for people with no money. but i recommend to buy a standard Fender for 400 $ instead. if you don't have that much. this one is a good one for beginning.

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MGR/cowboy_2612 02/05/2005

MGR/cowboy_2612's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

I bought this guitar in Germany for Eur180.00 in Feb 2005. I chose it because it was a very good price for a Yamaha, which also came with a 10w practice amp so I could just unwrap it, plug it in and play.

Aside of the excellent price, it has all the features you need such as, 22 frets, 2 humbuckers and a single coil in the middle, a 5 way switch, volume knob and 1 tone knob, which works for all pickups. a tremelo arm, black, high quality, finish and a Yamaha 10w practice amp.

the Single coil pickup is bad. It generates a lot of interference and I could not use it for this reason. This limits the amount of sounds you can set up. As a practice guitar, it shouldn't matter too much because those early days should be about technique and not playing about with the tones too much. You can always replace the coil if it matters that much, or just buy a new guitar.

The build quality is extremely good, I was surprised to learn that it was made in Indonesia. The initial setup is also very good, a beginner will not need to worry about setting up the bridge and changing the action until they have learnt how to play.

Once plugged in. The humbuckers allow you to really knock out some fat sounds. The single coil though generates a lot of interference and is the only bad point I have.

This is an excellent guitar for beginners or home practice. Yamaha have set a standard here that other makers should follow, by lowering the price of their much more inferior instruments. The sound is exactly what you want, with the exception of the single coil pickup. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a cheap guitar. In fact, I looked around and there is no other guitar on the market that is as high a quality as this one. The Yamaha ERG 121 is the best instrument for your money. If you are reading this because you are shopping around for a budget guitar, buy this one, you cannot get a better deal at this time.

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MGR/Snakepit 10/30/2004

MGR/Snakepit's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

it was about 250 USD. i got it from a music store in bulgaria.

it's is a superb guitar for the price i got it.

i dont like when the singlecoil pickup goes through some effects, it is too noisy. but the humbs are perfect

it has a solid body but it's not too heavy. the guitar has 2 humbs and a sigle in the middle. 22 frets and it's black covered. also it has a tremolo.

the guitar is perfect for studying and practicing but sound pretty good on concerts. enjoy:)

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MGR/Another Teenage Rocker 07/21/2004

MGR/Another Teenage Rocker's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

I bought this guitar for £170 in a starter pack (with a 10 watt amp, gig bag, strap etc.) from Argos because they were kind enough to get it out of the box and let me play it before the purchase. God it sounded good!

Although I love everything about this guitar, my favourite thing would have to be it's versatility. It comes with two open coil humbuckers with a single coil pickup in between. The 5-way selector switch can split the humbuckers, enabling me to change from B.B King to Rolling Stones without grabbing a different guitar. The humbuckers are also punchier than punch and my guitar gives a much more powerful sound than my brother's squier strat in my opinion.

Ummm..... It didn't come with a bigger amp?

I've had this guitar for 2 years and not once have I ever had a problem with it. Admittedley although I've never dropped or knocked it either, it at least proves that nothing has broken on it's own accord. And whilst I am by no means a guitar technician, the fact that it stays in tune for ages, has an ultra-smooth neck and tremolo and feels completley solid must be good things, right?

I could not have possibly asked for a better first guitar. I will surely never sell or trade it even when the time comes for me to buy my next one. Though I think it looks sleek, I can understand remarks that without a sratchplate and being completley black it looks a bit plain. So make sure you get a good look at one before you buy.

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MGR/Jaytrixer 09/04/2003

MGR/Jaytrixer's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

This was my first guitar, I got it at a christmas as part of a starter set which cost £200 (english)

It's simple, one control for the volume, one for the tone. It has a 5 way switch blade for the pickups:


It can produce a nice sound if you learn to work around the bad points of the guitar.

The fret wire is a tad too high up around the higher frets and it makes a bit of a buzzy sound. The bridge tears your hand to pieces when you try and palm mute and because the fret wire is so high up around the higher frets pulling off is a real bitch around there.

It has 22 frets and dot inlays. Chrome hardware. It has two controls, main volume and main tone. Five way pickup selector blade.

Pickup arrangement:

Neck humbucker
Single pickup
Bridge humbucker

It's a good guitar really for anyone learning to play but it's not really a life time thing, you'll outgrow it. But it's not bad to start making your own riffs on and things.

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MGR/ymaha erg 121 never buy it 06/19/2003

MGR/ymaha erg 121 never buy it's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

i bougt it in greece in nakas stores for 290 euros


everything. the hole unit is cheply manufactured. the wood is not worth nor for burning it. magnets: they suck. it sounds like when you do gas.

the worst i have ever seen and played in my 35 years of guitar playng

never buy this guitar

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MGR/Dave Ward 02/14/2003

MGR/Dave Ward's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

This is the second guitar that I have owned , the first one that was brought for me was a mis understanding. When said I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar my very good lady brought me an electo-acoustic.
We spotted the Yamaha ERG 121 at a local store for the fantastic price of just £120 sterling and decisded that even if I turned out to be rubbish at learning to play I would still be able to sell the thing on and get most of my money back.

First impressions of the Yahmaha ERG 121 was that it looked just like the fender strat that I'd always wanted as a boy. This one is in jet black and has been an absolute joy to learn to play on.
One set of single pickups and two sets of Humbuckers. A five way switch for selection and seperate volume and tone control nobs.This unit has been my pride and joy now for exactly 12 months and I have had no problems with it at all. It still looks and sounds as good as it did the day I brought it.
I Have recently started to take guitar lessons from a Professional of 30 years standing, he loves my ERG 121 and can not belive that It sounds so good and cost so little.

If anyone wants an electric guitar to start with then this is a very very good starting point.

The only thing that lets this guitar down is my standard of playing. This guitar is as good as the player behind it.

A first glass solid body electric guitar in black with contrasting silver that shines like chrome.
Very smooth neck and after 12 months of usage this still looks like new.

Every day I am amazed at the pleasure I get from the yamaha ERG 121.
It is a budget guitar but I do not think anyone has told it.
I would recommend it to anyone of any standard of playing.
excellent build quality, excellent sound, excellent value for money, go and buy one because your not having mine !!!!

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MGR/Ian 01/20/2003

MGR/Ian's review "Yamaha ERG 121"

I got this Yamaha package as my first electric guitar. I had tried other "beginner" guitars in various shops, but the ERG 121 was the one that impressed me most! With a whole lot of accessories (inc. a Yamaha GA-10 amp) that came with the guitar, this was the obvious choice for me to start of my electric guitar playing. The price was also the most reasonable I came across compared to the other packages I saw (AUD$499)

Its a beautifully crafted black stratocaster design. Looks brilliant on the guitar stand and feels great in my hands.

The sound of it is quite decent... And it has a wide variety of sounds with 2 humbucker pickups and a single coild picpup operated via a 5 position switch. Obviously the tone is not to the degree of a classic Fender model, but for its price its great!

The single coil pickup is a bit of a dissapointment. Lots of interference when playing using this pickup position.

Other than that, I have not been dissapointed with this guitar at all!

Well, so far so good (Touch wood)!! The guitar is very well made and the quality is top notch. Made in Indonesia did throw me off a little, but its a durable and reliable guitar and hasn't given me any problems yet.

Well, if youre looking to get started, I dont think there is a better guitar to invest in. Obviously as your playing technique increases, there are heaps of guitars that can offer alot more than the ERG 121. So a guitar for the beginners...

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MGR/Whitus 01/08/2003

MGR/Whitus's review "Yamaha ERG-121"

A year and a bit ago i decided to learn to play the guitar, so grabbed my Argos (UK) catalogue and flicked through tho the music section. If i knew then what i knew today about guitars i wouldn't have catalogue bought a guitar, but at the time the amp + gig bag extras appealed. I was going to buy probably a Squier strat copy, but then the Yamaha caught my eye (it was a new addition to the catalogue). I decided it was the one for me and paid £169.99 for the guitar and a 10W Yamaha amplifier, plus gig bag and CD/book.

One major plus is the way the guitar looks. The shape is strat-like, it's double cutaway with a relatively flat top (save a sloping diagonal section to the rear), and has a black colour. The colour and shape appealed to me most at time of purchase, as I knew very little about guitars and I'd never even played one properly. So looks was really the only thing i had to go on!

I like the double humbucker design, with an extra single coil between. A 5-way selector switch allows a variety of different pickup combinations, allowing for a range of different sounds.

There are 2 control knobs, plus the selector switch. I like this, my friends guitar has multiple tone/volume knobs which I simply dont need, so the 1 volume, 1 tone setup is perfect for me.

I think this guitar would be an ideal beginners/entry level guitar, as it was for me.

The guitar lead jack, located at the rear of the guitar, is often loose and my cable regularly falls out while playing. The cover plate for the jack also comes loose, which means I have to regularly tighten everything up, which can be annoying. Come to think of it however, other than that, I don't have many gripes construction wise.

My guitar also has a slightly bent neck, which doesn't bother me too much, but may interest some people. It's probably just a one-off though!

I think the main problem I have with the guitar now is that I feel I am a good enough player to branch out and buy a higher quality instrument. I'm sure a more expensive guitar will sound and feel a lot better, and I guess the main dislike I have is that theres always a nagging feeling in the back of my head that says "I've got a budget, beginners guitar".

As stated before, the lead jack is quite poorly constructed but other than that the general construction, finish and feel of the guitar is good. I've really got nothing to compare it too however, as this is my first guitar.

Overall, i think this is an excellent beginners guitar, one of the better budget level guitars certainly. The twin-humbucker and strat styling are great for playing some good rock tunes, and the selector switch to change pickup configuration lets you explore other tones and sounds too.

FOr me however, I feel i've outgrown the guitar now, which I'm sure happens to everyone with a beginner/budget axe.

2 thumbs up!

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MGR/Radu_121 12/06/2002

MGR/Radu_121's review "Yamaha erg 121"

I buyed this guitar from a shop in Ireland, because i wanted to play like KIRK HAMMET (dream on...). It costed 150$

I like the color-black, i like the single coil 'cause it delivers a very fender type sound, i like the headstock and the keys

I don't like the humbuckers-too noisy, the switch sucks sucks sucks-if you touch it slightly there is a big chance ur guitar sound will stop (imagine this happening in front of 100 people and you will feel like i felt :((( (((

Poor, but good for the pice

if u want to start playing guitar buy this one, but i sugest Ibanez RG170-much more better

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