Fender American Special Telecaster - Olympic White Maple
Fender American Special Telecaster - Olympic White Maple

TLC-Shaped Guitar belonging to the American Special Telecaster model

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  • 07/07/10Fender American Special Telecaster Review

    Made in the USA - Fender American Special Telecaster Review

    What's left to say about the Telecaster? It's contribution to the world of popular music is without doubt. For those still in the dark, some of the music history's most memorable riffs were concocted on this divine piece of wood: "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones "I'm a Man" by Muddy Waters, "Every Breath You Take" by the Police, and "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen...

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King Loudness 12/07/2011

King Loudness's review "Great Tele on a budget"

The Fender American Special Telecaster is a recent introduction by the company to fill the void between the Mexican made Standard models/Classic Series reissues and the US Standards. The end result is one of the best value for money Teles that you can get today. It features an ash body, maple neck and fretboard, 22 frets, standard Fender tuners, standard Telecaster bridge, and a typical Telecaster pickup layout but with slightly hotter pickups to please today's modern player. For the most part it's like a standard Telecaster, but the feel of it is designed so that players who are used to a more modern style of guitar will take to it. A common complaint I've had with some Fenders is that the vintage feel turns me off (IE: some of the ressiue models). Not so with this guitar... it has the modern playability and hotter tone that I've come to love from my modern guitars.


This guitar's about as ergonomic as a Tele will get without major modifications to the design. It's a tad on the heavier side given the tonewoods used, but that seems to be par for the course for many modern Teles nowadays. It doesn't have any features such as body contours but considering the fact that it sticks to the classic design as a general rule it's quite nice to play. The upper fret access is decent, though the single cutaway/neck joint design is definitely a setback for someone who is used to a sleeker design.

Getting a good tone out of this guitar isn't difficult. It sounds like you would expect... a bright and crunchy sounding Telecaster that is honest and will showcase mistakes easily. It works well with a variety of amps and tonal styles so that is a plus for sure.


The tones out of this guitar to me are pure Tele at their core, but with generally a bit more punch and attitude that stems from the slightly hotter circuitry. The classic Tele tone is there throughout though, cutting through the mix regardless of the tone used or style being playing. Through a clean amp, the tones range from jazzy and dark to bright and jangly, perfect for a whole host of different musical styles from jazz through to country. Switching to a more aggressive driven tone brings out some fantastic harmonic overtones from the pickups and the gain is put to excellent use along with the inherent Telecaster brightness for classic or modern rock/punk type tones.


All in all I think the Fender American Special Tele is a great guitar for someone who is looking for a great Telecaster that combines the best of the vintage guitar with more modern features to suit today's player. It's very reasonably priced at about $850 new and is definitely worth a look considering it's one of the only USA made Fenders to sell for under $1,000 new. Definitely check one out when you get the chance!
iamqman 10/29/2011

iamqman's review "Sweet color and look"


The Fender telecasters are a solid built instrument that has a fantastic weight and balance throughout the instrument. They usually feature ash or alder Wood in the bodies with a maple neck. They always come in a single coil version unless you get the deluxe version what's sometimes has a humbucker pick up install. However this one has two single quill pick ups installed with a volume and tone control knobs. It's a very basic guitar probably the most basic set up the defined.


Fender American Special Telecaster Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Body: Alder
* Finish: Olympic White, Gloss Urethane
* Neck: Maple, Modern "C" Shape
* Fingerboard: Maple
* Frets: 22, Jumbo Frets
* Scale Length: 25.50"
* Nut Width: 1.69"
* Hardware: Chrome
* Tuning Keys: Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
* Bridge: Vintage Style 3-Saddle Strings-thru-body Tele Bridge
* Pickguard: 3-Ply Black/White/Black
* Pickups: 2 Texas Special Strat® Pickups Pickups
* 3-Position Blade
* Master Volume
* Master Tone 1: Greasebucket Tone Circuit (Rolls Off Highs without Adding Bass)
* Case: Deluxe Gig Bag included


The tone o these guitars are fantastic because they have a great sustain in a very unique sustained any Fender Stratocaster guitar. To feel and weight of the guitar is a little different than the Fender Stratocaster because it doesn't have the curvature that a Fender Stratocaster body has. The top of the guitar the back of the guitar is pretty much flat so you don't have that unique curves that you have on a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Overall it's a great instrument has a great soul and a great tone for pretty much any style of music out there. If you are running this guitar through it a high gain amplifier or a clean amplifier such as a Fender deluxe or Princeton amplifier and you're getting a great soulful tone that is addictive.


You can find these guitars pretty much any where guitars are sold online or in many guitar shops. They're extremely popular and one of the most influential and highly used instruments in rock 'n roll music. Right around $1000 you can find these instruments but if you look good enough you can find him use for right around $600 yourself. I highly recommend these guitars to any guitar player because it's a great personal and Schmidt and a nice collect dirt guitar for your collection or for kicking or recording.
fcalas 12/03/2012

fcalas's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " A Telecaster for all"

THE classic Fender guitar made with the States, alder body, maple fingerboard and neck, Texas Special pickups, etc ... Short, heavy artillery for a super scraper, technically impeccable, given its price, not far from 800 € Guitarshop in Bordeaux.
And there is the slap!


Super balanced, not too heavy, the handle is a real highway, the paint is beautiful, I can stagger hours to rave about this instrument. I have long tinkered with Fender, I started like a lot of Squier by with their value for money that we know well, I had unknowingly models cool, then I went to Mexico, funky , cheap, really very good scratch unpretentious. And then I told myself one day I will make the "jump", my rocking all to buy a Mexican American (this is not a big jump, do not exaggerate ..). I actually wanted to see. Well, it's done, and I can assure you that the difference between us and Southwestern is HUGE.
at the sound of course, but the finish, detail, sustain, wood, frets ... a treat!


Typically Telecaster with mics I particularly like the Texas Special. They are much more known on Strat (thank you Stevie ...) on telecaster, but they have in common the same potato. My Luthier said that they are "fake vintage", and I begin to understand. High output, excellent medium, the bridge pickup is the "twang" to hard rock light, the neck pickup is velvety wish, clean and warm, not to mention the central position typical telecaster.
Clearly, this is perfect. In crunch is divine and good saturation pressure is enjoyable!


I've had more than a year, and as I said earlier, I tried many guitars lower grades. Of course, we are not in the presence of a high-end Fender, but in terms of value for money is unbeatable. For me, this is only my personal opinion, this is a guitar ample, which fulfills its mission. The guitar is like wine (Bordeaux I, it is normal that I use this comparison) we find great wines at prices sick, but there are few people who are sharp enough to palace a big difference between an expensive wine and a wine overpriced. It is sometimes said that it is snobbery.
Libertopanik 11/16/2012

Libertopanik's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " I love the CLAK!!"

Well, do not come back again on the characteristics, this is done by 1, but let us notice the reason for buying this guitar.

A FENDER TELECASTER USA from home already there I said it's about ^ ^, who has not dreamed of playing on a fender, but beware not any that makes us vibrate, which gives us sensations everywhere.

Well gentlemen, I can tell you that for me it is Olympic made me this effect.

I vowed that from Gibson sound, heavy, Rock of Truth, but after a few missed combination with other guitarist I asked myself the eternal question of how do I sound my guitar when we possess a more a guitar that sounds, but you tell me what guitar could settle all this and much there is in my opinion the two eternal Stratocaster or Telecaster more focused in some style (Blues, Funk, Jazzy) short, I will give that my oppinion (maybe not the most accurate) is the one that decides the most sound in a guitar duo, there is associated a Gibson, Strat, Demicaisse short, it CLAK between any scratches.


Channel pleasant, good sound nice finish, and a typical Fender Look.


A killer .... nothing more.


Test a Blaja, Cabronica, Standart, Blacktop Custom FMT HH, and the Olympic winner by KO without a doubt.
nonostrat 07/17/2011

nonostrat's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Telecaster a modern and balanced"

US Telecaster.
I have the sunburst model that I find prettier than the white.
See other reviews for features


The neck is slightly wider than a strato round but is less than some tele. The satin on the back of the neck has a very pleasant and comfortable touch that makes you want to play for against the jumbo frets are quite impressive (or so because the guitar is new, we must get used to it).
Manufacturing quality is very good, no problems adjusting to the mine. The original strings are very soft (it should be the 009, I've changed for 010-046 and by 010-052 because the strings tend to curl on larger attacks.
Once strapped on guitar finds its balance with the handle to the horizontal position rather then rock that jazz ...
One thing bothers me since I have this guitar, it is the edges of the bridge going back (to put the ashtray chrome if you want): playing solo on the high E string, I tend to hang this on the bridge. Must say that I played for 20 years so I had a strato my habits.
I also noticed that some TV (Mexico) have a borderless easel, so flat.


At the sound, I play on Laboga Caiman amp (head) + 2 x 12 Marshall cabinet. But before you plug the guitar, you feel empty it has a good resonance, it is the kind of guitar that makes you vibrate the ratings when it tries to connect without.
When I bought this guitar, I tried several models of TV: the Baja I do not like for his round, the Mexican standard TV with a good look but once connected have no dynamic , TV 52, which I liked but too expensive and this I liked the aesthetics and especially in sound which is still more modern than other TV.
In his clear and crunch it in the middle or bridge pickup position it sounds best: brilliant, chattering nervously.
The neck pickup is a little behind, it lacks momentum even with the back closest to the strings, it's a shame. I have not found yet interest in the micro, perhaps jazz ...
The microphone is against acute excellent in its full, it sends a really good fat to play his style of AC / DC, Led Zep, ... it's really good.


Overall I find this guitar good, well balanced and very well finished with a fairly modern sound.
The neck pickup is a little behind the rest.
For the value, I do not know whether it is good or not: almost 1000 euros a shovel it's still not cheap but compared to a Mexican at 600 euros even when we see the difference especially at the sound reproduction.
In short a guitar to try.
TuneUp Studio 10/20/2010

TuneUp Studio's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " cheap but honnte ..."

Tl Made in USA.
Brass trigger guard.
Channel pais enough, wide and high frets, saddle (very) varnish.
Rglages classic slecteur 3 position, volume and a tone Gnrale
Alder body, I took the sunburst finish with black plate (because I think the white with black plate Tristounette)
Texas Special Tele pickups.
Book cover, no box so ...
It is mounted with a pull rope Lger Ultra is a little horror but hey, is turns. The handle is


pais as a good old tl was fun, the weight of the beast is also l.
Rglage level is obviously hell (if not the impossible) if you want a guitar that any "hardening and tempering" on all the strings all the frets. It should be spars of the bridges (thus changing the entire bridge) is replaced by the original bridges bridges "way to compensate" (roughly the screw in the trigger guard is not right, which gives a saddle angle). It is an option that I chose the guitar is currently at the maker for this operation ... and another ...
I think the frets too high, to the point of playing again a little off in certain positions because we find ourselves "bender" the string by pressing it with a little extra force.
Everything else is perfect, are great: Mechanical, the handle is pleasant, with highs CASC is all done for honnte tl. The action of some dpend rglages of bridges, therefore, to be fair to the original bridges, you end up with an action DIFFERENT for each string, it does not have to get used the strings "in front". (Or change the jumpers). This


tl a doubling his thundering and relatively uncommon. Obviously we remain very much in stamps "telecaster". But the neck pickup and the bridge is amazingly slamming "medium rather" but more like low-medium rather. The neck pickup "slamming" was recalls tl 52 'and those who dcoulent (52' Classic 50 'and Baja), but rather as a GENERALLY is his hat found.
In contrast, a tl neck pickup is still a medium rather than its high-smacking, very rock'n'roll (or country, depending on your aspirations) mas here I'd say a its more "modern" that the lump in medium rather is lower that usual. The sound is a little less but still slammed typ trspchu and ... Should be tested. I like it because it's very rock without breaking your ears either, which happens more frequently than when we play some saturation on Fender, Vox or Marshall a few times.


I acquired in July 2010 (I'm writting this review late October). I play very often, it became my main guitar, because one or two rpeter week, the studio or just for fun at home and four or five concerts since my purchase.
I am happy with my purchase Plutt yes, but not completely either.
For three points:
the accuracy of these bridges vintage scarves. (Ok it is pretty, but it's a bit to play DBIL if false, or just play on a guitar unplayable)
height frets that do not help the matter.
the cover provided a little light, instead of a solid tui.

It happened to me msaventure, but I do not care about, because I feel that I have not had any luck and that I may be an isolated case did everything. Like a screw that attaches to the strap and turned into space has dmis twice in the last concert. The luthier I put a wooden dowel.

In the end it's a good guitar, there are some dtails a little "sucks" but the woods are good, the violin is good, the pickups are good too and he sky is clear all the confidence one can have in an instrument "U.S." bte say it, and I did not believe it (I wanted to take a Baja base) but once the hands we feel we have a beautiful instrument and not bits of wood "optimiss" to sound the best in the lowest cost possible. (This is just the case of Baja). It's just, if you Were happy to have U.S. 900, we must add 150 for a flight case and possibly 60 of rglage and replacement of bridges by a luthier if you do not want not play an instrument at the bridge made "anarchic" to ring true.
(No kidding, I had rgl it rang true, then the best and I had big carts between the strings, if the limit as too close to the handle and the high E too high .. .)

With exprience, and finances, I wonder if I do not look directly at U.S. models more "classic" because we found it may be (counting my cost of the flight and instrument maker) but without the hassle ...
A U.S.
Zonky 09/17/2010

Zonky's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Love at first sight!"

Telecaster made in USA, 3 vintage style telecaster bridge saddles, handle C, 22 frets, 2 pickups single "Texas Special", 1 volume pot volume, tone 1 volume pot, 1 3-position switch


Channel C, satin, super nice touch
Weight of the guitar and access to acute correct
The sound is simply great, the 3 mic positions are easily exploitable


The bridge pickup gives a very crystalline and the neck pickup sound more rounded (normal)
The intermediate position is a mix of both (again, normal)
Clean sound is very nice it almost looks like an electroacoustic (even unplugged it actually sounds very good)
In the crunch is a treat, she hums, she scolds, she groans, she responds based on the game makes, ROCK N ROLL Baby!
With distortion as it defends itself, but are not humbuckers


I play electric guitar for 1 year, I wanted to try a telecaster for his delightfully vintage look, I took it in hand and I fell in love, touch and sound are totally awesome!

I tried many other guitars over the past year, but the only telecaster that I tried and I love it!

What I like most is the feel of the handle and the sound of microphones!

The value for money is very good I think, and I obviously do it again this choice:)
victhebig 07/01/2010

victhebig's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Excellent guitar blues / punk!"

Channel pleasant but the strings are still a bit stiff
specific Fender ...

Mine the color Sunburst with white vintage plate.


The solos are very rich in harmonics, even if the speed is somewhat restricted.

The arpeggios are delicious, you wonder if there is a sound in the hands!

The rhythms are aggressive, not really punchy (I have my Les Paul G for that) but very edgy!


Excellent in a home studio that will allow me to do less of settings to bring out a particular rhythm ...


Use: for a month, not yet tested under conditions of repeated or scene.
Compared to the purchase with telecaster baja, mexico, american ... By far the best in terms of power and feeling, with incredible sustain that rivals finally with my Gibson.

It remains to see how it goes in a group situation!