Peavey Stereo Chorus 212
Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Peavey Stereo Chorus 212"

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212
I got this amp used for $300 as an upgrade from a small practice amp. I had a choice between this and a Fender Princeton Chorus.

I picked this amp over the Fender Chorus because it has a much better bottom end. The dual 12 drivers handel extreamly dropped tunings quite well. Also I love the foot switch that it comes with. You can switch between any of the three chanels and control the digital reverb and chorus independantly. Also, relativly good distorted sounds are capable at a reasonably low volume when set up correctly...But beware, this thing is louder than most people think. I only got it up to about 6 and stuff started falling off the wall and the neighbors complained.

The digital reverb takes some getting used to and I don't really like the way that you have to choose the reverb you want(its selected by a lettered rotary knob). I would also prefer to have a foot switch that is not compleatly made of plastic.

This thing is built SOLID. Its not as heavy as it could be, but its still a workout to get it to where you want it. I also ran some frequency sweeps on it and those twin 12's can almost go as low as my practice bass amp! I'm sure that this amp will last me through college.

I'm very happy with this amp. Even buying it used, there are very few problems with it overall. I did have to fix a small shortage in the foot switch once, but that was just after i bought it. And at 130watts, its louder than what i will brobbably ever need.

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SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey Stereo Chorus 212
I had the amp a few years dbut90, not for the electro-acoustic!

For pure electric, 3 channels, effects numriques intgrs, footswitch for everything, flexible connectivity.
PSE is a good death sr (40kgs pass ...) but in exchange offers 2fois 130w, adcoiffe net.

No master volume, it is very irritating especially low use lighting.

Zero tube in, but sounds like.


Yes it is simple, the sound is very pleasing saturated whatsoever Lger or heavy enough. The Royal is clean, you can play without saturating an ultra strong hair.
The effects pierce well is not a multiple but a backup so you calm down eh.

We can put a volume pedal in the loop stereo keyboards to mimic the master, but even when it's not top.


Very nice sound, the amp is quiet stroll with his power and quality of HP. I used mainly with an SG Team Universe and a synth module.

The grain of the loadings is very good, you'd swear the tube transparency and higher volume.

The smooth and clean is specific on the proper balance.

Somewhat delicately rgler are 3 channels and again no master volume.

In the era sounded better than most of the market mesa combos included with my guitars and what I was doing (mix of funk-fusion-mtal).


Do I Rasht? Ben, given the weight and the years I took no ... To leave the premises without moving a hair yes, I really liked the sound it dlivrait, a perfect balance of qualities of tube and transistor.
Note that I knew that the era slab, only the sound situation tural importance.

I had to change one of the scorpion, I know why actually. Apart Azro concern, and the amp as it competed with a battery boosts, beefy bass and horn section ... Very powerful!

I have seen in the 250 roros, easy ngocier downward saw the look and weight of the craft.

There's worse to do, what price! In the end I do not blame the weight and lack of master volume, not much.