Peavey Computer Music reviews

  • Guitar modeling and a new cabinet simulator highlight the latest release

    Guitar modeling and a new cabinet simulator highlight t… - Peavey ReValver 4 Review


    When Peavey’s ReValver software was first released, it stood out from its competitors because it allowed users to get inside the virtual circuitry and tweak the components. Several iterations later, ReValver 4 introduces some stunning features that again separate it from the pack.

  • Peavey AmpKit Link Mini-Review

    Peavey AmpKit Link Mini-Review - An Amp in your iPhone


    Apple boasts that there is an iPhone app for everything and we at AudioFanzine are starting to believe that they might be right. In the past two years we have discovered a bunch of more or less successful music apps. It is now time for virtual guitar amps to take over the famous mobile phone with hardware and software solutions. We tested one of t…