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Black Panther(4), Saturn(3), Falcon(3), Armory(2), Orion(1)
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Used Mapex Drums & Percussion

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  • Mapex Orion

    Mapex Orionhas images


    18x20 Mapex Orion Bass Drum. Overall in good condition. Some wear and tear visible from use. Some pitting and minor rust also present. Shell has not been modified or drilled. Message if you have…

  • Mapex  Black Panther Snare Drum

    Mapex Black Panther Snare Drumhas images


    Selling this incredible sounding Metal / MAPEX-BLACK PANTHER 14 inch Snare. It’s in great shape and will be a clear upgrade to 99% of the snares out there. This snare Kills...You’ll love it!