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Gibson reviews

  • Gibson N-225 Review

    Gibson N-225 Review - Gibson's Fine Ear


    Gibson, to whom we own a lot of legendary guitars, decided to introduce several months ago a guitar with an original shape (something that doesn't happen every day): the N-225. With a hybrid look halfway between the SG, Les Paul standard and the ES series, we just couldn't resist it...

  • Gibson ES-335 Bass Review

    Gibson ES-335 Bass Review - All Ears


    Kalamazoo isn't the name of a strange bird. It's a town in Michigan where Gibson was founded. While the brand is very present among six-string colleagues─ to the point of fanatism sometimes ─ it never really did, after its creation, stir the bass guitar world.

  • Gibson SG Standard with Min-ETune Review

    Gibson SG Standard with Min-ETune Review - Not So standard!


    The SG Standard is a legendary guitar that doesn't need an introduction. It's one of Gibson's best sellers, played by some of the best guitar players like Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Franck Zappa to name just a few. But the SG we have here is a bit special because it features the Min-ETune system for automatic guitar tuning! Let's look into th…

  • Gibson Les Paul Faded Blue Stain Review

    Gibson Les Paul Faded Blue Stain Review - Nice Les Paul You


    A soft launch last Christmas, the Les Paul Blue with roasted maple fingerboard caught our attention. Get your pick and come meet the beauty.