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MSB+ Rev2, Patch Bay from JL Cooper Electronics.

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Tip: Panic

By ryanmaster2112 on 02/10/2014 - (Anyone)

Press the PANIC button on the JL Cooper whenever you have "stuck" notes. Sometimes, if you change a program (preset) while a keyboard sound is still playing, it will trigger a very annoying, unwanted echo, and/or the note will keep sounding. This is a big problem with many Midi devices, since this unwanted noise is basically a keyboard overload of Midi information. On the JL Cooper, whenever this happens, just press the PANIC button, and this will simply temporarily shut down your Midi system for about a second. During this 'panic' period, the JL Cooper sends 64-bit Midi Data to all connected instruments, and this will release any unwanted noise coming from your instruments. It is rare that this could happen, but whenever it does, the JL Cooper has you prepared to "panic" and re-boot your system.

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