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TC-Helicon Studio Effects reviews

  • TC-Helicon Harmony Singer test

    TC-Helicon Harmony Singer test - Pocket Harmonies


    More than half of the guitarists in this world sing. Based on this survey, TC-Helicon designed the Harmony Singer, a compact pedal with reverb and 2 voice harmonies based on guitar chords. This isn’t TC-Helicon first try, so what’s new?

  • TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch Review

    TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch Review - The TC Touch


    Vocal effects are present more than ever in modern music, but if you want special effects, you don't give the control to the sound engineer. Loopers are also hip, especially for artists making solo performances on stage. So, when such a serious manufacturer as TC-Helicon offers a voice processor, harmonizer and looper in one single box (everything…

  • TC Helicon's Harmony-G: The Test

    TC Helicon's Harmony-G: The Test - The G-Spot of Harmony


    After having delighted singers with their Voicetone pedals, TC Helicon is trying to seduce guitarist/singers with a pedal capable of simulating vocal harmonies that follow your voice and guitar playing. Extraordinary as this may sound in theory, does the Harmony G keep its promises in practice? That’s what we'll see in this test ...