Revox B77
Revox B77

Analog Multitrack

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bassprodukt 02/09/2011

bassprodukt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " From Vintage, solid, but good"

My opinion on the Revox B-77 mk2.

This magneto is very well made, now it gets a little old school, but that reliability and outstanding sound quality.
When recording with this unit, the sound is different as the compressed Rican, I can not record with, besides I mainly used to assemble, but I use it occasionally as a 'plugin' that is, I pass my signal in, and it shows (magnified).

Nothing to say except that it's a great machine, it's collector, I never considered selling mine.

_benfox 03/23/2005

_benfox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

3 years
Most of the TAPE is their robustness. No kouroi that breaks and is irreplaceable except for a meter that is broken but hey let's not quibble is the thing that breaks Suel!! In addition to the magneto makes no noise compared to UHER
I have two that date back to 1980 and is still working perfectly!
The least that the weight 17 kg but the weight of soliditbr /> For me no relation quality price is giving me a gnark gnark!
Ideal for all types of enregistremlents
This model is available with different speed 7 1 / 2 15 or 3 3 / 4 7 1 / 2
With the digital speed 15 goes to the trash
Do not forget to pamper the washing heads capstan possiere protection and you die before him!