Yamaha CLP-360

CLP-360, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the Clavinova CLP series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha CLP-360

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alex9560's review

Yamaha CLP-360
88-key digital piano (7 1/2 octaves from A to C)
The sounds: 1 piano that I always use, and 1 piano, 1 organ, 1 harpsichord, 1 electric piano, which I never use.
There is a MIDI jack and additional audio outputs.
1 jack to connect headphones on the front panel


The dynamics of the keyboard can be adjusted according to 3 "hardness" settings.
I bought this piano 15 years ago, as an amateur pianist.
I play every day, it's a truly excellent instrument that can outplay
many upright pianos.
Its piano sounds and dynamic keyboard are great.


The piano sound is very realistic (it's not a C3) but it's very good for a clavinova and much better than some upright pianos.
I play exclusively Jazz with the piano 2 sound and the Hall option.


It's perfect, even if not as good as a C3 or a U3, but they don't cost the same nor are they the same size.
Unbeatable value for money and it is rock-solid (not one single problem in 15 years).
I would buy it again without problems.

remi1802's review

Yamaha CLP-360
88-key digital piano.
Several sounds plus reverb.
2pedals, MIDI: In, Out, Thru.
Stereo audio input and output


Keyboard with true piano feel. Very easy to use.
No problems.


The sounds are perfect for me.
It has 2 pianos, 1 harpsichord, 1 electric piano, 1 synth, and 1 organ.


Very good instrument.
I've used it for several years and it is ideal for me.