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Yamaha Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha P-120

    Yamaha P-120 - "Fixed it, free stuff off craigslist"


    Application I just wanted a digital keyboard that felt like an actual piano, that wouldn't take up to much space in the living room. Context I use it to pound, improvise, write, learn songs by ear Other products I have tried many digital pianos…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709

    Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 - "A superb digital piano equipped with a great arranger mode"


    The instrument looks great, even if I preferred the appearance of the 407. I use it at home, for my own personal pleasure. Piano sounds are very realistic, and the keys feel close to those of an acoustic piano. The woodwind and guitar sounds are v…

  • Yamaha P-105

    Yamaha P-105 - "Good digital piano at an affordable price. All the cheaper ones I tried are gadgets. This one isn't!"


    I use this piano to play classical music at home, often at night for myself, with a headset. I already had an upright acoustic piano and a Clavinova digital piano, both too heavy to be easily moved. I wanted a keyboard of good quality that could be …

  • Yamaha DGX-650

    Yamaha DGX-650 - "I played on the Yamaha DGX-650"


    I`ve played on a Yamaha DGX-650 in a music store a while back. I pressed the buttons for for the different instrumental sounds on it. They are a nice portable digital piano to take along. It has lots of instrumental sounds on it. The only thing about…

  • Yamaha P-85

    Yamaha P-85 - "If you want a high-quality low-budget piano..."


    ... this is your instrument. The Yamaha P-85 has one of the best piano sounds that I ever heard. Other sounds are very good too, but the acoustic piano deserves to be highlighted. The P-85 can be used by all kinds of pianists, from beginners to profe…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585 - "Very beautiful instrument !!!"


    Has two grand piano : yamaha cfx and boesendorfer impérial.Very realistic sound for these pianos. what else for this instrument ? lot of functionalities and other possibilities to use it. In my opinion , no cons except for the drum party : no intro…

  • Yamaha CP300

    Yamaha CP300 - "I like the Yamaha CP-300"


    There are 7 octaves on the Yamaha CP-300. There are Midi Connections In, Out, Through, Phones, Input,(L Mono,R) Output(L/R) Assignable Foot Pedal (Sustain/Sostenuto/Soft/Aux) USB to Host, AC Inlet. There are 530 instrumental sounds including XG …

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-130 - "A great piano"


    Regarding the features, I filled the specs but I forgot to mention the inputs and outputs: MIDI: In, Out, Thru RCA Out, Jack In and Out 2 headphone outputs. An advantage: Transposition of internal recordings or MIDI sequences with the TRANSPOSE…

  • Yamaha P-60

    Yamaha P-60 - " Very good value for money, but ..."


    88 keys, weighted keyboard. Piano sound and several other basic sounds (electric piano, harpsichord, strings, church organ, vibraphone) No audio output apart from headphones (stereo minijack). Midi in and out (but no midi through), jack input for su…

  • Yamaha P-35

    Yamaha P-35 - "weighted keys"


    The Yamaha P35 is a digital piano keyboard with a speaker system right on it. It comes with the full 88 keys and all of the keys are touch sensitive with a great feel to them. Out of all of the keyboards/digital pianos that I have used in this price …