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Yamaha Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-65

    Yamaha Clavinova CVP-65 - " very good tool"


    88-key keyboard several types of reverb 2entres/sorties midi in / out UTILIZATION very good touch (piano) + LED above each button to read files MIDI (and learn to play through the illumination of LEDs) or disk orchestra (Separations right hand…

  • Yamaha P-85

    Yamaha P-85 - kooco's review


    88 keys 2 headphones midi output Release pedal the sound of a piano is sublime that I use the his 2 piano 2 e.piano 2 bodies 1 string 2 harpshord 1 viraphone 12 kg UTILIZATION touch is the top super is this piano the…

  • Yamaha CP50

    Yamaha CP50 - " Excellent value for money"


    88-key keyboard. Many sounds and editable effects. Can connect usb midi sequences for reading (only 1 track) and play wav file. Some non-editable drum patterns and non-recordable noon. Fc3 pedal. no desk. UTILIZATION The keyboard is very powerful…

  • Yamaha CP50

    Yamaha CP50 - " Amazing!"


    Piano digital modeling and synthesis AWM expensive Yamaha. 88 keys, keyboard "graded hammer" formidable precision, a small notch below its bigger brothers, with a touch "synthetic ivory" super comfortable, but a keyboard knows them as Yamaha or Kawa…

  • Yamaha CP5

    Yamaha CP5 - Prodatlantis's review


    88 keys Complete MIDI connections. Jack stereo outputs and Canon. Mono input (mic or gun jack line) a bend wheel (no vibrato) Sustain (+ possibility of Sostenuto and Soft! As CP1!) + Footswitch USB + Usb connection on the front <br…

  • Yamaha PFP-100

    Yamaha PFP-100 - Jean-Luc Soulié's review


    I am content for now to a brief description, not next to my piano. Yamaha pf p-100 is a digital piano with weighted keys to 88 keys. It has 10 piano sounds with a stereo and a piano rock, 2 pianos and 2 electric bass sounds, its a clavinova tone,…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-320

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-320 - elgiboss's review


    10 sounds total UTILIZATION Excellent heavy touch as a piano or even better than some acoustic ... SOUNDS Piano sounds very realistic and high quality. Organ sounds no more. Anyway, we bought especially for the piano sounds. OVERALL OPINI…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-55

    Yamaha Clavinova CVP-55 - " clavinova old but great!"


    I has a `. Certainly, he has 18 years, but I love his touch, the sound alone DIFFERENT.nn With its box rhythms it is great for the composition (arrangement DIFFERENT possible ...) UTILIZATION very easy to use. You can find the instructions in f…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CLP-810S

    Yamaha Clavinova CLP-810S - renela's review


    Hello, I have this piano - rarely used - for ten years. I just re-use and the keys are very noisy, even if I do not completely depressed. Can anyone tell me why and what to do? Thank you in advance Renel …

  • Yamaha P-85

    Yamaha P-85 - shookabah's review


    10 tones selectable 2 pianos: the sound is impressive in the first headset, the second is not bad no more. 2 electric pianos: If you enjoy this kind of sound you like! Personally I find the bass on the second are too present 2 organs: nothing t…