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Yamaha Digital Pianos user reviews

  • Yamaha Clavinova CVP-407

    Yamaha Clavinova CVP-407 - boutman's review


    see leaflet yam ... level connectivity is very complete! UTILIZATION very good touch! why not a touch screen my dear engineer yam! the split keyboard with his assignment is zero, you lose a crazy time! jz do not understand that we can have …

  • Yamaha P-155

    Yamaha P-155 - Dgé's review


    88-note keyboard Some sounds such as piano, Rhodes, Strings .... 2 sockets noon only a USB to store your recording (or load) on a USB key Unable to connect the keyboard to the computer via USB! Yamaha provided that you use the MIDI to connect…

  • Yamaha Clavinova CGP-1000

    Yamaha Clavinova CGP-1000 - " Love"


    MAGNIFICENT instrument, sound outstanding, price was a little heavy but is ngoc; cons by quite complex handling so there are significant possibilities connector usb, midi ethernet etc. UTILIZATION fabulous touch (you're on a real piano) manual a …

  • Yamaha P-60

    Yamaha P-60 - eponyme9's review


    - Keyboard 88 keys - Touch heavy (correctly reproduced the feel of an acoustic piano) - Mono + Midi - About a dozen sounds of average quality. Cons by two piano sounds very good. UTILIZATION Touch is exceptional. After nearly 20 years worki…

  • Yamaha P-85

    Yamaha P-85 - rascar's review


    rzrerezrerz USE RezRez SOUNDS rzerzere NOTICE GLOBAL rezrer …

  • Yamaha Arius YDP-140

    Yamaha Arius YDP-140 - pianota's review


    7 octaves 6 sounds, reverberations noon and USB connection 3 pedals metronome ... Weaknesses: power only 6 w, 1 track record and no headphone grip (unlike the YDP 160). UTILIZATION New GHS very nice touch, heavy at will (with 3 settin…

  • Yamaha P-90

    Yamaha P-90 - luchogie's review


    88-toutese connectors (jack, headphones, rca, midi ...) it just sounds a basis for making a super keyboard pop / rock and classical piano UTILIZATION touch is exceptional there is no better in the occurencies much better than what is found on the…

  • Yamaha CP33

    Yamaha CP33 - Udun's review


    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Features:</span> - 88 keys with hammer action - Twenty instruments with variants (piano, electric piano, vibraphone, guitar, strings, choirs, organs ...). - No speakers (use headphones or powered speake…

  • Yamaha P-140

    Yamaha P-140 - witco's review


    88 Keys UTILIZATION The GH action makes for a very very realistic touch keyboard, just like a classical piano. It creates different weightings based on the range: a larger hammering effect in the low register, and lighter in the higher register. …

  • Yamaha P-90

    Yamaha P-90 - clementBrest's review


    CHARACTERISTICS, see below, the sounds are not ditables UTILIZATION The touch keyboard is it enjoyable? Should you use? Touching for me, it is plutt trs good, although bit too heavy. Configuration gnrale Is it easy? Config gnrale ultra-sim…