Yamaha P-60
Yamaha P-60

P-60, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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thibautchinois 09/25/2014

Yamaha P-60 : thibautchinois's user review

«  So far négalé entry level Yamaha »

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MIDI In and Out connectors. Great audio jack ...
He has what it takes.
With that word processors offer computer computer music, except for use on stage, I do not really see the value of it add a whole lot of sound gadgets. Everyone has a computer, simply connect the piano by a sound card, and for 200 € with a good type Ableton Live program, the possibilities are endless! Find a piano like this that has a MIDI output so more than enough in my opinion.


Touch is much higher than the entry-level pianos Yamaha has released thereafter. My girlfriend has recently procured by a P105 example, and there is no comparison. The P105 has hollow touches that make very loud once you start typing a little overboard. Play such as Asturias by Albeniz is a real ordeal.
I have since done my research. Apparently, from P70, Yamaha has moved from technology GH (Graded Hammer) from P60 to technology GHS (Graded Hammer Standard). It's only one letter more, but the difference is immense. This also probably explains the difference in weight. There are mechanical that technological progress can not lighten .. There has to see the benchmark for master at the Kawai piano VPC1, out there a little over a year and weighs nearly 30kg!
With a weight of 16kg, so the P60 has a quality / weight / price ratio for Yamaha since their cheapest piano (+ € 1,200) sold with GH technology is the P155, which weighs more than 18kg.


Amplification 2x8W is pretty good. Sounds sampled are correct. They have improved since, but once we were able to rub shoulders with virtual pianos available on computer (Synthology Ivory, Galxy, Pianoteq, Vienna Imperial ...) you can not go elsewhere.
Therefore, I consider that to buy a digital piano, the fundamental criterion is touch.


I think I can provide an objective opinion on the piano since I use it for 11 years. He never presented the slightest signs of weakness. I am also willing to bet that it will keep me still another 11 years.
Now that I've experienced in the entry level, there is little that the Kawai ES100 that can match it.
Argus 430 € value thus amply justified.