Yamaha P-60
Yamaha P-60

P-60, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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tarrtime 12/20/2012

Yamaha P-60 : tarrtime's user review

« Real Piano Feel »

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The Yamaha P-60 is a keyboard with 88 keys. On the range of keyboards, it definitely attempts to be as piano-like as possible. It doesn't have a bunch of knobs and dials. If you want a piano without having to own a real piano, this keyboard is the best bang for your buck. If you want to learn piano, or your kids to learn piano, I recommend this keyboard starting out. Real pianos go out of tune, they are terrible to move, and to get something that 'feels' good costs a lot of $$$.


This keyboard is pretty simple to use initially. Just plug it in, press the power button, make sure the volume is up, and start pressing the keys. It is pretty simple to switch sounds, too. However, some of the more detailed features like transposition, reverb, etc. require pressing multiple buttons and piano keys in combination. When ever I need to do this, I can never find the manual, so it usually means I have to search for the button combination on the internet. I wish these things were a little bit easier to change. Most people won't have problem with this though.


The quality sounds on this keyboard are decent. If you are serious about sounds, software is the way to go. Even high-end keyboards with internal sample libraries cannot compare to the detail of Ivory or even some of the Native Instruments software. Compared to other keyboards in this price range, the Yamaha P-60 is above average with respect to the sound quality of the piano.
The range of sounds is pretty limited. Just a piano, organ, electric piano, etc. I am not that concerned with having a lot of internal sounds because I just want to use the keyboard for MIDI.


This piano has lasted a long time in the studio and also for some live gigs. It feels great, more like a piano and less like a plastic keyboard. I don't think the Yamaha P-60 feels like a $10,000 piano, but it definitely 'feels' better than the $500 piano that I grew up on learning the piano. Comparing this keyboard to other keyboards, it definitely feels better than any other keyboard in its price range. I typically use the MIDI out from this keyboard to trigger other samples, so I am not really concerned with the internal sounds.