Yamaha P-60
Yamaha P-60

P-60, Digital Piano from Yamaha in the P series.

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Petit zicos 01/18/2013

Yamaha P-60 : Petit zicos's user review

« An all-purpose piano for home and elsewhere »

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88 notes
midi in out
2 pianos
2 rhodes or dx7
1 violin pad
2 organs
you can combine two sounds and when you fiddle with the settings, you can really achieve something!


perfect feel for the price
Comprehensive user's manual
Even for this price, selecting of functions deserves dedicated buttons. It isn't that expensive! in this case we need to go through key combinations and........everybody hears it!!!!! especially to transpose "on the fly." my level is not good enough to allow me to play in all keys comfortably. and it's not uncommon to have to adapt to a singer or clarinet or to have to play a song a semitone up! so rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again.....!
the pedal doesn't hold the notes too long.
you need time to master it and play pianissimo really expressive or play "with guts". But it's not that hard anyway. And then again, it all depends on your character.
The amp output is the same as the headphones. So if you want stereo, which is very well accomplished, you need an adapter!
not much too say about the rest.


It is better, but even in 2013 it is much more expensive!
The sound comes into its own only with an external amp.
The integrated amp is enough to amuse yourself in the hallway or to practice without disturbing everybody in the room, if you can't stand using headphones. Or to start warming up before the PA is installed and you are not responsible for it (which can happen sometimes).


7 years secondhand. I would need to win the lottery to change it.
All-around perfect. It can be transported comfortably in a semi-rigid flight case. But......it's 88notes. So if you are on your own, you'll need a trailer :)
I might tweak it to have two (L+R) output jacks instead of the single headphones one.
It may be a bit fragile to be moving it around frequently. Pay attention to where it is installed or stored.
For the 2 rhodes or dx7, you need to take your time to find a good sound playing with the reverb and other options. but it can be done.
When it comes to the 2 pianos, there is a classic one with very warm lows!!!!!!!!!!
and a very clean jazz piano.
it requires an external amp to get the best out of it.
in short. it's just what a pianist needs and it's not expensive.
But in any case, it only reproduces whatever the pianist in front of it is willing to give it.