Yamaha CP4 Stage
Yamaha CP4 Stage
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jef_citron 10/25/2014

Yamaha CP4 Stage : jef_citron's user review

«  Very good keyboard »

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I have to give an opinion on this keyboard that satisfies me on almost all points.
Connectivity is extensive, especially in pedal inputs
There are a slew of related sounds that are really very good
The effects are superb, especially the chorus, phaser


The feel of this keyboard is amazing
The duclavier touch: I do not know if I could find a better one day
And yet I think I had keyboards ... CLP 240, 307 HP (pretty noisy), Alesis Fusion 8HD (bad touch!), Fantom X8 (too soft and too noisy), Korg SV1, Yamaha CP50 Roland FP7-F over all keyboards "light"
The coating is superb and I really thought that my acoustic piano (a high-end model)
The feel is very close to my acoustic (although this is still not the same, but I never found the same acoustic keypad (except AvantGrand)
Mostly what I like is that there is no simulation of dual exhaust
My acoustic piano is an upright piano and the end of the race I have no particular key resistance
I wanted to find this sensation on my digital piano and CP4 is almost the last to not offer digital simulation dual exhaust
On my previous piano digital simulation of this dual exhaust made the limit of the hard key and therefore not consistent with what I feel on my acoustic
Especially on pianissimo, it was really problematic
There, now it's only happiness
The firmness of the buttons seems very well proportioned, neither too hard nor too soft
(At the risk of repeating myself it's still not the same sensation as a real piano)


Regarding the piano sounds I have mixed feelings
I loved the sound of my old Roland FP7-F
It was more "romantic", "warmer"

On the Yamaha sound is purer, "air"

The ideal would be to have two (but I do not have the means)

I can not say that the Yamaha is better than Roland
But be careful you can not say that Roland is better than Yamaha
This is really a matter of taste

One thing is certain CFX is really powerful, the S6 is much more imperfect
These two pianos really have character and are complementary
The CFIIIS seems more bland

Regarding the Rhodes, there is a "sweet" side in which the sound can be divine
After this is not the same sound as Roland. I thought Roland was more "fit in" which can be interesting in some cases
You still need me to work a little more on this type of sound because I'm not a great expert more (I've never tried to Rhodes in my life ...)
Still, the effects allow sound incredible transformations
And you can have up to 4 sound effects (2 inserts and Sends 2)
I will not deny that I enjoy like crazy
5 there sounds very complementary electric pianos from each other

After we have the CP80, DX, Wurly and clavinet that I find really successful all

If we only talk about these sounds, frankly away with VST quality does feel Listens with very good quality and reaching the ear very carefully
Anyway for me the CP4 made unnecessary any VST (except for the pure sounds of piano because I like listening to other stamps from time to time)

After there is a whole bunch of other sounds: strings, vox, synth, bass, ...
Frankly there is also very good
There is very little to throw
I had a Roland Integra7 and see what I do musically CP4 totally enough for me
Buy expander now seems totally unnecessary
(Please note I am only a small amateur musician)


I 1 month ago
I use it every day
I dragged a bit to write this review because I could not find the time (between my work, my family and fun on the CP4)

I am delighted with my purchase
I think this one I have for a long time (I do not know what I might have better)