Yamaha CP4 Stage
Yamaha CP4 Stage
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blaireau13 02/09/2014

Yamaha CP4 Stage : blaireau13's user review

«  excellent workshop piano »

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To see the internet features, there is everything you need.

I use it as a piano, acoustic piano sounds, Rhodes and Wurly mainly.

The option play wav on USB key allows you to switch from one computer to the piano bar etc ...

The rest sounds or options (sound, split, layer) can help me out occasionally.

I do not use as a master keyboard.


Touch: I find the sensations of yamaha I tried it a few years ago, only better. I appreciate more and more with practice.

This is better than Fp7 the SV1 and the Nord Piano, better than the Kawai MP 10 (too heavy for a digital) but worse than the Roland rd 700. For master keyboard functions: no use to me, sorry.

Navigation through the menus to edit the sounds is not my forte and I got into it yet. (Never had yam) At first glance it is not easy and the manual is worthy of Japanese productions ... I understand!
You can tell me to put, but why make it complicated when you can make it simple? (SV1 and NP were still more ergonomic to use)


Sound (speakers MSP5 yam) all the sounds from the ground (strings, choir, pad, synth, brass, etc ...) are correct, some excellent. I would have liked a few voices scat high quality.

Play the organ with such a keyboard is almost impossible for me.

Clavinets: very good, but with the touch a bit heavy it is not easy to measure.

Electric pianos 3 (cp 80 and DX7, the yam sounds): almost perfect but I never use them, and I hate EP typed DX7.

Electric pianos 2: Wurly, very good crew. Better than North in my opinion.

3 acoustic pianos are beautiful and varied, demos and Phil Blake Angelos Clendeninn clearly show their specificities. Basically I find the reverb a little too pronounced, but it is set, and it depends on the local. This is much better than the SV1 and there is only one sound Nord Piano I would have kept, the other will not fail me.

Rhodes (EP1): This is less flattering than the SV1 and the Nord Piano, at first listen, but more realistic, both in how to attack to sound, in sound reproduction. It's pretty gross, like a true remains to add the necessary effects if needed. The attack is progressive and feel matches the game of Rhodes, like a real one. The first choice of plant is not terrible, I put another.


I use it for a good week, extensively.

I owned a Roland FP7 and a Korg SV1 and I had a Nord Piano 1 I had the opportunity to sell.

CP4 attracted me and I cracked.

+: Touch, sound, weight with such a touch, wav playback option on usb key.

-: Less easy to use than the Nord Piano SV1 or less instinctive.

value for money well studied, more interesting than the Nord Piano, cheaper and lighter than the future RD 800.