Roland RS-50
Roland RS-50

Digital Synth

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Flo e.t 04/19/2008

Flo e.t's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

5 octaves with touch lightweight who, without being compltement sucks, does not allow a flamboyant phrase.
The Controller of attack, decay, release, cutoff, rsonance, balances between the patches and custom settings are super filter LFO practices for configuration and to live if you like fiddle playing.
Basic connectivity ...
Otherwise it is trs class with its brushed mtal PSE and do only 5 pounds!


Very easy to use, intuitive, even if it trs sometimes you can get lost in the paramtrage effects if one is not initiated ...
Fortunately the handbook in French is fairly clear even if it is for some (in the rglage advanced) people who have good knowledge of dj in the edition.
I've never run russi edition computer interface but it's because I'm in computer music and can not persvrant so I can not judge
The banks are easy to ACCS for the change of sound that is more to live.


The sounds I most utiliss are tablecloths, lead sounds and some sounds of space ... in this field sounds are quite acceptable if they are called a bit. Most of the original patch are really terrible and hollow.
The pianos are trs trs zero
The rhodes are not jojo
The organ's great bof (hammond not one worthy of the name)
The o can have fun is in the choirs and strings that without being ralistes for two under, are downright pleasant with lots of depth.
In the sounds of the lead There's also something to do a little fiddling.


I use this synth for 4 years and it has served me well for his report quality price allchant trs. My musical desires have changed since p'tt I'm gonna keep it as a master keyboard for its super class and cot practice of shipping live but from the sounds go to oblivion;)
even when one is a synth affordable and not too bad depending on the style of music that we want to do (to avoid all that noise!)
kerozine 05/07/2007

kerozine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RS-50


Using fairly simple if not the manual is quite clear.


The effects are quite successful.
wide range of piano


I use it now for 1 year
This choice I would do without problems.
tryoruda 09/14/2004

tryoruda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

- No prs everything I asked him: see site builder
- Delivered without cable (except PSU Obviously)


The basic usage is intuitive that, we immediately find a nice sound bank (some a bit poor, but most sounds great).

To enter the rglages more prcis must hang around with the manual, but eventually escape. Editing and effects 'patches' difficult to beginners.


TRS instrument sounds good, without being ralistes not perfect.
The organ and other keyboards are analog trs good for rock'n'roll. The pianos numriques stick well to reggae.
Enjoyable and good touch rponse in intensity.
INTERESTED few sounds to effects. There is, for lack of ism against the bass sounds ...


Cheaper and less good as a Korg, the RS-50 is more than adequate. It offers a very sound bank complte, and can tweak the 'patches' Submitted. I love the sound it produces.