Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual Tremolo
Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual Tremolo

Tremolo/Vibrato for Guitar by Rockett PedalsView website

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Rockett Pedals Josh Smith Dual Tremolo : heads on fire's user review

"Fantastic and innovative tremolo pedal." 10 (10/10)

Product bought used in 2011, for 150$ VAT incl

Characteristics 9/10

Dual Channel Tremolo with individual rate and depth controls
Rate: Controls speed of tremolo
Depth: Controls level of tremolo effect
Volume/Boost: Controls signal output
9vdc, battery or adapter powered
1/4" in and out

I rate it a 9 as it would be nice to have a stereo option, which it does not have.

Utilization 10/10

This pedal is extremely easy to use. There are two channels, and each can be set up for different settings. I love this, as I like a slower, throbbier tremolo on clean passages, and a quicker, yet narrower trem on lead work.

The volume feature is genius, as this pedal can boost the output of the guitar signal. Typically tremolos suffer from a perceivable volume loss when engaged, but this pedal does not have that problem.

Sound Quality 10/10

The sounds are extremely rich and luscious, like an old 50 or 60s Fender tube amp optical tremolo. Not too choppy - this is a vintage-sounding unit. The trem will get very deep, and very fast or slow - there is a lot of room to find just the right settings here.

The pedal is pretty transparent - your guitar will still sound like itself. One neat trick to try is to run this before a distorted amp, and have the tremolo engaged to have a medium-fast speed but shallow depth - the solos tend to jump out, and the tremolo sound gets very subtle at that point. Joe Bonamassa does something similar with his rig, to great effect.

Overall Opinion 10/10

This is a great pedal all the way around! Josh Smith is a fantastically tasty guitarist, and to have his name on this pedal is a testament to how lush the tones are. Having two settings in one pedal is a boon, and the volume boost is fantastic. I'd absolutely buy another one of these pedals. This is the best tremolo I've ever used.