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Thread unreadDifference between recording and mixing?[Recording & Mixing]2eleanorbigsby8610/21/2014 03:03
by eleanorbigsby
Thread unreadAdvice for a mixdown checklistGo directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]13michaelsounds79510/17/2014 09:20
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadRecording vocals like MGMT or STRFCKR[Recording & Mixing]9born2bealive19210/17/2014 01:38
by CaliMoose
Thread unread[Getting started] The Prerequisites for a Relaxed Mixing Session[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho5810/16/2014 14:20
by Nantho
Thread unread[Getting started] Mixing with myself…or not![Recording & Mixing]0Nantho11310/09/2014 22:58
by Nantho
Thread unreadWhere to get free stems or raw tracks to practice mixing?[Recording & Mixing]2david_wilson10010/09/2014 08:09
by DAWesome
Thread unreadIdeal way to get crisp, believable distorted guitar tone with VSTs?[Recording & Mixing]4liveandletdie15110/09/2014 01:00
by panning for gold records
Thread unreadIdeal placement for drum overheads?[Recording & Mixing]3mr motown15209/30/2014 06:03
by stevey_z
Thread unreadNew to miking drums, need assistance[Recording & Mixing]2larry.orsen12709/25/2014 01:38
by hardknockstudios
Thread unreadMixing kick/bass in EDM productions[Recording & Mixing]2comeatmebro13409/22/2014 07:54
by kurtcabana
Thread readHow can I remove this horrid reverb/delay from this recording?[Recording & Mixing]4themachine18209/19/2014 13:45
by Mike Levine
Thread readMixing: need help with bass highs[Recording & Mixing]6wifiborg31709/11/2014 12:50
by Mike Levine
Thread readCan't get my acoustic guitar to sound good, HELP!![Recording & Mixing]3hankydanky24409/10/2014 08:15
by doobie brothers
Thread readstudio tips n tricks[Recording & Mixing]3redwhitentrue26609/08/2014 09:01
by EQlikeaboss
Thread readCompression: cool real-time video demo of how it works[Recording & Mixing]2harmonious funk28309/04/2014 06:44
by Mike Levine
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