Akai MPC2000
Akai MPC2000

Sampling Sequencer from the MPC series by AkaiView website

Users' review: Average mark of 3.5/5 for 23 reviews

Akai MPC2000 : FP User's user review

10 (10/10)

Characteristics 10/10

This is great for drums! It would be nice to get the FX board standard for the money spent.

Price paid


Utilization 9/10

Right outta the box you can lay down drum tracks. Its got a lot of hidden features not covered in the manual- so it takes a while to master.

Perfect for gigging. Adds live feel to a show.

Sounds 10/10

Excellent sound and sampling engine. Pro quality all the way.

Overall Opinion 10/10

This is a great machine for making beats. Get this and a synth or sampler and you're good to go!

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown (January 0-, 2002)