Akai MPC500
Akai MPC500

Sampling Sequencer of the MPC series

User Reviews: 3.821
math24 10/16/2011

Akai MPC500 : math24's user review

" complex"

it looks great given the characteristics!
see sheet manufacturer.


Then it's not easy, or I'm not very smart ...
You really spend time to get somewhere.
Maybe I'm not motivated enough to have the energy to learning the beast.
It must have to tackle it for a while so that its use becomes fluid.


The sound is very good.
I love these pads.


It looks great, good pads, full of possibilities, good converter, good sound ...
But for me it takes too long before being fun ... I still have to delete an entire project because the function program, save, project sample is incomprehensible ... basically very complicated just to save what just made?? I do not really have time to write for hours on forums to understand the functions that should be easy as the backup!
I said that this is my first sampler. I never try another.