Fender Blues Junior
Fender Blues Junior

Tube Combo Guitar Amp of the Blues Junior series

User Reviews: 4.672
WhaRat 07/12/2006

Fender Blues Junior : WhaRat's user review


All tube 15 watt amp ... an instrument input ... spring reverb is very good ...


You plug it sounds
The sound is just terrible
No need for manual


So from the time that I walk between the marshall jcm ... the Peavey Classic 30 ... the Vox AC15 ac30cc1x ... I find my sound Fender for 700 € in the end (Limited Edition sunburst finish). It n'fait no better combo 15 watts just ...


It's going to uh ... 2 hours I've made ^ ^ ^ ^ peter the knack it's hot ...
Best amps!