Fender Blues Junior
Fender Blues Junior

Tube Combo Guitar Amp from the Blues Junior series by FenderView website

Users' review: Average mark of 4/5 for 69 reviews

Fender Blues Junior : WhaRat's user review

10 (10/10)

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Characteristics 10/10

All tube 15 watt amp ... an instrument input ... spring reverb is very good ...

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Ampli tout lampes 15 watts...une entrée instrument...reverb a ressort trés bonne...

Utilization 10/10

You plug it sounds
The sound is just terrible
No need for manual

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On branche ca sonne
Le son est tout simplement terrible
Pas besoin de manuel

Sounds 10/10

So from the time that I walk between the marshall jcm ... the Peavey Classic 30 ... the Vox AC15 ac30cc1x ... I find my sound Fender for 700 € in the end (Limited Edition sunburst finish). It n'fait no better combo 15 watts just ...

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Alors depuis le temps que je me ballade entre marshall les jcm...les peavey classic 30...les vox ac15 ac30cc1x...j'ai trouver mon son chez Fender pour 700€ au final (finition sunburst edition limitée). On n'fait pas mieux en combo 15 watts tout simplement...

Overall Opinion 10/10

It's going to uh ... 2 hours I've made ^ ^ ^ ^ peter the knack it's hot ...
Best amps!

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Cela va faire euh...2 heures que je l'ai ^^ faites peter les knack ^^ c'est chaud...
Meilleur des amplis !