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2CAudio user reviews

  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - JoeW1's review


    Aether from 2CAudio is compatible with different working platforms like Xp , Vista , 7 or MAC. The manual that is included with the software is quite detailed , enough to obtain the necessary information of how the reverb works. The setup doesn…

  • 2CAudio Breeze

    2CAudio Breeze - BeyondR's review


    I haven't found any issues regarding this software, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information and I must mention how easy and fast the general configuration and setup of this program is. The typical functions and features…

  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - "One of the most Powerful Reverbs."


    Aether, the common design of the system is straightforward, the set up doesn't require some time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the program works, one of the biggest features of the system is the c…

  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - "Wow, better than I expected"


    This is run on a Mac Pro running Snow leopard and Logic 9. So far, zero issues. Loads up quickly and no crashes or strange behavior. The manual is good, although honestly I just glanced at it. The configuration/setup of this plugin is really well…

Translated user reviews
  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - " Labor pro!"


    Yes. I use the full bundle with Aether, B2 and Breeze (funny name!) And it works nickel. The only minor point is weird that you can not convert a demo licensed after purchase, you must reinstall but that's a detail. The carrier air has very reactiv…

  • 2CAudio Aether

    2CAudio Aether - guitarou's review


    top FITNESS / PERFORMANCE top NOTICE GLOBAL never heard that for the price !!! …