Nektar Impact iX61
Nektar Impact iX61

Impact iX61, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from Nektar.

Public price: $119 VAT
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Mixscape's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good keyboard for the price, no frills, good workmanship, lightweight and compact."

Nektar Impact iX61
I own the ix61 impact nectar for a week. I use it on PC with windows 7 and I have tested with studio one and cubase. No integration worries, ca live on.

it comes with 2 studio one artist (the most basic version) that I did not install because I have the pro version.

A usb cable very correct length accompanies all. You can connect a sustain pedal. No entry or exit noon.

manual in English, is very clear (except maybe for non-English?)

there is an on / off button which is great (and not necessarily custom among all its competitors) and guarantee a longer life to those who leave their computer on constantly.

It is very compact and no frills. Look simple but nice (shiny black frame, 2 LEDs)

The integration daw system works very well, there are few buttons but very well thought out (example: Octave buttons via a simple click turns into play and record transport button).

The pitch bend and modulation wheel are very correct and very pleasant to the touch making.

the volume fader (not obviously motorized) answer very well and allows to be pretty accurate.

touch synth is not unpleasant but far from a touch "piano" (this is the day and night with my previous keyboard, yamaha KX8). It's really "light" under the fingers, but we made it in a few days. the keys are a little noise when they return to their initial state (classic in this price range), but nothing too bad.

Ca velocity level responds correctly and the game nuance is possible but limited way (should not dream either) because when you lightly press gently on any touch sound comes out.
It is not that there should press like a nag. There are several possible velocity settings accessed easily by combining the "setup" button and then pressing 2 keys.

At size ca buttons respects the designation "full keys".

Weight level it is light, easy to transport but this is not a featherweight as some "toys" in the same price range ..
Care home nektar we feel that we take the manufacturing and the keyboard does not show signs of weakness after a few months of use.

Another small addition, it integrates instantly (without drivers) via usb any sequencer.

Only small "flat", we would have liked to have a little knob, there was hair cell instead just above the setup button next to the fader (as if AC had been expected, but in the end they had given up)

But the fader nevertheless filled the stain as it is assignable twelve o'clock cc.

I bought it for 95 euros and for that price there is no better in its class (I have them all tested).

Ideal in a small home studio setup or for those who like to have space on their desktop / home studio furniture.