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  • [NAMM] A-designs presents the Reddi v2
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    [NAMM] A-designs presents the Reddi v2

    01/23/16 in A-designs Reddi v2

    A-Designs has presented the Reddi V2, a rack-mountable version of their Reddi all-tube DI unit.

  • A-Designs Ventura

    A-Designs Ventura

    04/08/12 in A-designs Ventura

    A-Designs Audio has re-released its JM-3001 Mic Preamp/EQ/D.I. under a new name, Ventura.

  • [NAMM] A-Designs JM-3001

    [NAMM] A-Designs JM-3001

    01/14/11 in A-designs JM-3001

    The JM-3001 from A-Designs Audio is a preamplifier, equalizer and instrument input housed in a single-rack-space frame.

  • [NAMM] A-Designs EM-EQ2

    [NAMM] A-Designs EM-EQ2

    01/10/11 in A-designs EM-EQ2

    A-Designs Audio announces the availability of a new two-channel rack-mounted version known as the EM-EQ2.

  • A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    04/20/10 in A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    The new HM2 NAIL Compressor from A-Designs Audio is now shipping.

  • A Designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A Designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    03/19/10 in A-designs HM2 Compressor “Nail”

    A Designs Audio announced that the HM2 Compressor “Nail” is now available.