Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Harley Benton Power Plant Junior

Power Plant Junior, AC Adapters for Pedal from Harley Benton.

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All user reviews for the Harley Benton Power Plant Junior

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 1 user review13 %
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sganus's review"Bye-bye to 9-volt batteries....."

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Compact PSU with five 9V DC outputs (except the center one) and 120mA each. All outputs are galvanically isolated.

What's inside the box:
- Five 1ft cables with straight/right-angle plug
- Five 2ft cables with straight/right-angle plug
- One Y-cable to feed a 240mA 9V pedal (no possibility to feed an 18V pedal)
- One 3ft daisy chain
- One manual

The pros:
- Very compact PSU that can be accommodated in any pedalboard.
- The 120 mA are enough to power most pedals.
- The Y-cable allows you to a more power-hungry pedal (but you lose an output)
- Incredibly effective insulation of the 9V outputs (I place the PSU on top of the pedalboard, just below the WahWah, which is very susceptible to interferences)
- No noise, not even with the Wahwah (Vox 847A)
- The price is unbeatable (even considering shipping and handling it's less than $50)

The cons:
- No power switch
- Non-detachable power cord

Personally, I connected it to a power strip with power switch concealed under the pedalboard and whatever will be, will be (the power strip and PSUs are fixed with heavy-duty Velcro).

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, given its price and performance.

voxydrive's review"I recommend it!"

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Small format (4.1" x 3" x 1.6") PSU with five 9v 120mA isolated outputs. It includes power cord but no power switch.
The PSU comes with different types of cables: Five 1ft cables, five 2ft cables, a Y-cable to power a more demanding pedal (max. 240mA) and a 3.5ft daisy-chain with five connectors spaced 7.9" (with an 7.9" extension for each connector) to feed not too demanding pedals (max. 120mA for all pedals) or, inverting the connections, a power-hungry pedal of up to 600mA (5x120mA).
No buzz nor interferences with this small PSU. It's very good for the price!!!
Dca lp09/16/2013

Dca lp's review"Why pay more?"

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
I bought it secondhand some days ago, this power supply suits me perfectly.
Its value for money is pretty good, not to say it's exceptional!
It can deliver 120mA per output (it has 5), most common pedals, like Boss or Mxr distortions (Tube screamer, etc.), this power supply will certainly know how to please them. You can connect up to 25 pedals via daisy chain, as long as you respect the mA needs of each pedal.
It is also important to note that, unlike the first version (the blue one with more outputs), this one seems more reliable and useful.
Indeed, the first version didn't have isolated connectors, which inevitably produces buzz and other undesirable background noises. Plus, to top it off, its reliability was very questionable...
The defects seem to be solved. This latest version does have isolated connectors, which makes the famous background noises produced by the "power bricks" disappear.
A bet won by Harley Benton. I think it deserves 9/10 given its remarkable value for money.
If you don't believe it's effective, this is how I tested it: I connected my pedals to the loop AND the main speakers, in order to see if I could hear any noise. And I didn't hear anything! I must add that it's almost inevitable to have buzz under such conditions.
Regarding its durability, I can only speak for mine, which I've had for a year.
I'll keep it!

Greig's review

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
I had had enough of random noises and bulky PSUs (I use one Line 6 PSU, one 1 Spot-like PSU, an ibanez PSU for a fuzz and a Dunlop for the 18V of the OCD... - oh, and I also have the H&K Tube factor PSU). I bought 3 to power 10 pedals (DT10 > Small Stone > MicroVibe > Derr Bender MkII > OCD > LGW > MicroAmp > Boss HF2 > DL4 > DisasterTransport.

The results are conclusive from all points of view: Bulkiness, noise (well below my previous setup), cabling, price. I was able to feed the OCD with 18V and the DL using 3 outputs to guarantee the necessary current (theoretically, 2 are enough but I suffered untimely resets...). The cables supplied are perfect, with right-angled plugs, although they could've added a voltage doubler, now Ill have to solder a bit...

Note: I use the daisy chain supplied as a current multiplier....

I'll update my review after my first gig and in a couple of months, if necessary.
A detachable power cable would have been a plus.

Reiep's review"There's nothing better at this price point "

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
I bought this T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr copy to have something more decent than my Visual Sound One Spot daisy chain. And it worked out well. I incidentally gained 5 isolated outputs which I currently use for several TC Electronic Toneprint pedals: Everything works fine, although, in theory, they are not very temperamental.

The PSU seems solid from the outside, in any case, it's pretty heavy given its size. It comes with 5 connectors (1ft and 2ft), a Y-cable to double the intensity and a daisy chain. Every output is isolated and delivers 120 mA into 9V, which is more than enough except for big and ultra-powerful modern DSP-based units.

It's impeccable after several weeks of use, it's hard to beat in terms of value for money. I only regret that the power cord isn't detachable.

props's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Less powerful, not current enough filtered"

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
My first test connection on my pedalboard this PSU was catastrophic: 3 out of 5 pedals were unimaginable, or even fuss refused to turn.

So I can not plug in my Wah nor my Univibe because the hum generated is too large, while I have hardly with her big sister Powerplant, whose outputs are not isolated. A height.

Its only advantage for me its unbeatable price and small size, which allows the wedge under almost any pedalboard with velcro.

To consider only a few pedals too greedy and undemanding.

enricoznn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nickel"

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
How long have you use it?
Two months

What is so special that you love the most, least?
Plus: a size (it not take up too much space in the pedal board) the range of connection, there are 5 x 15cm, 5 x 30 cm, a garland and a 18V power cord!
The big plus is that there is no noise!
The least: I think the output does not deliver the current statement, I connected a Digitech RP 80 multi-effects and kidding, but with no worries classiqeus pedals.
Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No no
How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice?
Without doubt, in addition to the 3-year warranty ...

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" no worries or anything buzz"

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Seduced by the power brick artec, I ordered the junior hb as the pictures mention isolated outputs, unlike its big brother problem.

So I plugged in my pedal board above (Nobels switcher, two ibanez DL5 and two-Toneworks ovedrive more distortion) as the artec before. Result, zero background noise, and the DS104 is a distortion from beyond the grave.
The current limit per trip, there are five, is 120mA. My Toneworks are 117, then confirm the ability of junior powerplant.

The advantages over the artec are priced almost half less, and no external transformer to connect more, the whole is more compact.
I do not see any differences in quality of power for now.
I will update if buzz with pedals appear more likely, thank you for reading!